09 Smartest Storage Solutions you Should Try

Well, we all need some storage solutions in our everyday life. The aptest description of a storage solution is the one that keeps your place organized and presentable as well. Moreover, it does not imply that you stuff your cupboards and cabinets with everything you can. Keep in mind that you can have a witty approach towards your home and office storage.

In that context, I have some smart and clever storage solutions for you. They are compact, achievable, and equally practical. Let’s see what we can do with our space regardless of its size. Here is the list of nine smartest storage solutions you should try at your place:

Broom and cleaning closet:

Most of us have our brooms and cleaning tools lurking in the house. But, it leaves a messy impression on outsiders. You might not believe that you can create a compact closet in any of your rooms, kitchen, or hallway. So, you can keep a long cupboard along with other cabinets. Then add a few hooks or hangers that can hold the groom and other tools.

Consider built-in bed storage:

The concept of built-in bedroom storage is a bit outdated. But, you can still apply this to create a clever storage unit in your bedroom. However, these bed storage units usually fall under the custom category. So, the best way to get this storage unit is to get a customized bed set from any reputable furniture store. Moreover, it might cost you more than a standard bed, but it will be worth the price. Furthermore, if you live in Dublin, you can buy a bed from furniture stores in Dublin Ohio.

Bookcase/ divider/ storage unit:

You can easily accommodate a bookcase, divider, and storage unit into one storage solution. Mark my words; it is a brilliant idea to create such a massive facility. While you plan to renovate your living room, dedicate one wall to a large bookcase/divider/storage unit. If you live in Dublin, you can buy a bed from furniture stores in Dublin Ohio.

In addition, you can display your home décor elements on the open shelves. Then use the divider for showcasing your book collection. It will go with your luxury Italian furniture. And use storage units for your valuables. In this way, it will occupy only one part of your home. 

Use a large fridge in a small kitchen:

It might sound weird to you, but a small kitchen can have a large-sized fridge. If you do not have kitchen cabinets, you must get a large refrigerator. Why! Well, a refrigerator with ample storage space can adjust many of your eatables, bottles, drinks, frozen food, and containers. As a result, your counter will be free from extra clutter.  


d kitchen storage:

In addition to your kitchen cabinets, open storage plays a vital role in maximizing usage. Well, this added storage means having a few rods to hang your coffee mugs. Moreover, the best place to fix that iron rod is near the backsplash. This way, it will not be out of place and serve the purpose of open storage. Plus, drying the cups will not be your concern.

Open wall storage:

This one is another witty storage idea that you should try. For that, you do not need a storage unit or built-in cabinets. On the contrary, you need a movable bookcase or a TV trolley that has a few shelves. It is a terrific idea to have mobile storage. In this way, your small apartment will look spacious and bright.  

Window seat storage:

You must be having a hard time believing that you can turn any corner of your home into a storage unit. Honestly, it is about using your resources. So, if you have a sitting area near the window, turn it into hidden storage. For that, you need a sturdy wooden bookcase or a unit. Add a small mattress on top of it and hide it with a pretty cover. Now, you may sit, relax and store your essentials in it.

A built-in TV set in the living room:

You must have seen large TV sets in British homes. In general, it can be a perfect storage solution for your home. So, it is time to get back in time and create big TVs with open and closed cabinets. The Dublin Luxury Furniture is suitable here. 

Use the same colored shelves as the walls:

Among all the solutions, this is my favorite and the cleverest. You can use the same colored storage units or book racks as the walls. It will create the illusion of openness. Also, one cannot tell if it is built-in or not. 


We hope you enjoyed these clever storage solutions. From built-in bedroom storage to cleaning closets, there are many options out there for people who need more space in their homes. If you can’t find a solution that works for you, try these creative ways to organize large and small rooms. 

So, add storage in your kitchen, use your window seat or have movable carts. Furthermore, use compact, creative book racks in the same color as the walls. These and many ideas will solve your storage problem.