Screen Mirroring is a strategy that empowers to reflect the substance on your cell phone, tablet, or PC screen to another gadget. This is a gainful innovation that helps clients in the day by day life undertakings. It permits you to give it a more extensive view without giving access to the gadget at last. The reflecting encourages you in different manners as you can mess around, transfer motion pictures, have video conferencing approaches greater screens. Probably the best applications to reflect your telephone screen incorporate the highlights to interface with another gadget without any problem.

In this way, discussing it is well known among the cell phone and tablet clients as a result of their littler screen imperative. We present to you the arrangement as the screen reflecting applications for both Android and iPhone. The most usually utilized family reason is to utilize the screen projecting application to see the photos in the display on a greater screen. Proficient use incorporates reflecting the introductions on your gadgets to different gadgets for a more extensive crowd. It can likewise be utilized to help individuals with specialized help to show the elements of their gadget in an instructional exercise. Discard the old strategy for setting up the projector and utilize these applications and stream straightforwardly on your Smart TVs.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone

These applications for Android can be effortlessly observed being utilized a ton, yet we spread the best of them in this rundown underneath. In spite of the fact that screen reflecting applications for iPhone isn’t so normal, yet we bring to the curated best applications to reflect your telephone screen in this area

1. Reflecting 360

Reflecting 360 is a top screen reflecting application which is accessible for both Android and iPhone. You can get probably the best highlights of it for screen projecting applications to different gadgets. Requires the Mirroring 360 programming introduced on your PC or Mac to work with the application. You can buy the permit from the in-application buy for $15.

2. Air Server Connect

Air Server Connect is a decent screen reflecting application for iPhone. The main restriction is that the sound from your Android or iPhone isn’t bolstered with this screen projecting application. The best piece of this application is that it can mirror the telephone screen to numerous gadgets in a state of harmony.


  • Airplay to different gadgets utilizing the application.
  • QR code scanner encourages you associate the right gadgets.
  • Amazing picture quality.

3. Screen Mirroring-TV Cast

This application by LQL Studio is a decent screen reflecting application for iPhone. This is grown just to reflect the iPhone screen on the TV screen. The best component is that it doesn’t require the Smart TV to introduce any extra applications. This works fine for interfacing two gadgets over the Wi-Fi association.


  • Support Smart TV – Roku, LG and Samsung.
  • One-click Start and Stop reflecting.
  • Cast YouTube, Vimeo and appreciate recordings.

4. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is one of the top screen reflecting applications for Android and iPhone as it will assist you with interfacing with many working frameworks, for example, Windows, Linux and macOS. To have the option to utilize this application, you need to introduce the VNC worker on your PC.


  • Uses Cloud administrations to associate other far off gadgets.
  • Keep the reinforcement of all associations on the VNS account.
  • Virtual console with cutting edge highlights, for example, scroll bar on head of it.
  • Supports Bluetooth mouse and console.

5. LetsView

LetsView is a screen reflecting application with an enormous number of clients. It surely has a portion of the brilliant highlights to make it the best application for Android and iPhone both.


  • Also encourages you record your iPhone screen.
  • One-click screen recording application for iPhone.
  • Wireless sharing utilizing Whiteboard on Android and iPhone.
  • User-accommodating application.

6. AowerMirror

AnyDesk gives you an interesting methodology as the best application to reflect your telephone screen. As the screen reflecting application introduced on Android or iPhone, one will get a remarkable code. It tends to be affirmed from the other gadget as a similar code shows on it.


  • Fastest application.
  • Remote gadgets can be utilized with this screen projecting application.
  • Lightweight application.
  • Free for individual use.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Being a screen projecting application from Google itself, it guarantees a great deal and conveys as well. This is accessible for something other than screen reflecting from your cell phone. It will enable your work area to get to the cell phone distantly, which can likewise be utilized for reflecting the screen.


  • No additional product required on the PC works with the site.
  • Secure association for both Android and iPhone.
  • PIN used to confirm gadgets.

9. SecondScreen

SecondScreen is another acceptable choice to decide for Android gadgets. You can utilize it for interfacing it to a bigger screen like a TV. On the off chance that you love a greater picture see, this is an incredible application for screen reflecting for Android gadgets.


  • Adjusts the screen goal.
  • Options for various profiles.
  • Gives you alternate routes to handily explore.

10. Castto

Castto from SoomApps is the ideal screen reflecting application, which is intended for your Android gadgets. This will be effectively the best to use for the individuals who would prefer not to be excessively in fact engaged with the usefulness.


  • Needs the Wi-Fi association with remain associated.
  • Easy to utilize the application.
  • Detects the gadget rapidly.

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