In the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, lies the Seychelles, an island paradise. There is enough to do in Seychelles for beach and sea lovers, with 115 islands to choose from.

Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are the three main Seychelles islands. The largest island in the Seychelles, Mahe, is home to the majority of the inhabitants and serves as the main tourist entry point with the best beach resorts in Seychelles. With stunning beaches and a variety of resorts and hotels, Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles and makes for a wonderful base for exploring. 

Although it is a vast island in size, its limited population makes it the ideal island hideaway and the place for the best wedding venues in Seychelles. The Seychelles’ islands are close together, and travelers can travel between them using the Inter-Island Ferry Services. It takes around 50 minutes to get from Mahe to Praslin, and around 15 minutes to get from Praslin to La Digue. From Mahe to Praslin, island hopper flights take only 15 minutes. 

Return to the Past – La Digue  

The island of La Digue is like a fly trapped in amber, kept for everybody to see for all time. It’s a small island with few cars, few paved roads, and some of Seychelles’ most unspoiled beaches. Hire a bike from one of the many vendors at the harbor and ride to the beautiful Anse Source D’Argent or Anse Coco beaches, then visit Veuve Nature Reserve in search of the Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher, one of the world’s rarest birds. 

Discover a Hidden Waterfall – Praslin 

Praslin Waterfall does not seem to be mentioned. It’s not listed in the guidebooks, and a quick Google search yields only a few ambiguous results. There’s also no signpost along the route. I’m not sure if they’re attempting to keep it hidden since it’s so lovely. Praslin Waterfall, located less than half a kilometer from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallée De Mai, is well worth a visit, and you’ll almost certainly have the place to yourself!

Travel to a different country 

Ok, so I’m stretching the facts a little here, but Grand Fond (also known as Zimbabwe by the locals) is still an excellent site to see the island’s northeast. It is Praslin Island’s highest point, with panoramic views of Anse Possession and Curieuse Island. 

Eat like a native. 

Numerous creole takeouts can be found all across the islands, and they offer an exceptional bargain as well as delicious food! For less than £4 per person, sample fish curries, lamb stews, savory rice, and a variety of other foods that change everyday! Gala on La Digue, Breeze in Grand Anse, and Coco Rouge in Baie St Anne were among our favorite eateries.

Discover a Different World 

When I visited the Seychelles, I had never snorkeled before, and it was an experience I struggled to match! It was fascinating to have a glimpse of the magnificent undersea environment. While the creatures on land queued up to be given various browns and greys to wear, the fish seemed to be saying, “Yeah, can you give me something patterned, I don’t mind how many colors, oh, and can you make it shiny too?” It was completely absurd. Around Praslin Island, there are numerous snorkeling spots with easy access. 

Suggested Snorkeling Locations: If you’re new to snorkeling, start in the shallow waters at Anse La Blague, then go on to Anse Lazio, swim across the bay at Anse Volbert, and then make the ultimate excursion out to St Pierre Island.

Find the heaviest (and sexiest!) seed on the planet. 

In Seychelles, there are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Vallée De Mai and Vallée De Mai. It is part of a huge wildlife reserve in the interior of Praslin. The critically endangered black parrot and the world-famous Coco de Mer palm, both endemic to the Seychelles, are two of the rainforest’s highlights. 

When the French landed on the Seychelles in the 1700s, they discovered the true source of the Coco de Mer, a mysterious “coconut from the sea” that washed up on the Indian coastlines. 

It is a tree that has earned Seychelles the nickname ‘The Garden of Eden,’ with both male and female parts attempting to seem like – well, male and female parts.

Lunch with a Beautiful View 

Although the La Buse restaurant is part of the Iles Des Palmes Eco Resort one of the Seychelles honeymoon resorts, visitors are welcome to dine there. Sit back, relax, and imagine yourself living in a glossy magazine with wonderful food and even better views over Baie Ste Anne. We realized we were in paradise as soon as we ate lunch here!

Discover the Island-Saving Bird! 

We all like to exaggerate now and again, so if I tell you there’s an island in the Seychelles that was saved by a bird, I’ll understand if you shrug your shoulders and agree politely. It is, nevertheless, the truth in this case! Until the discovery of the Seychelles Warbler, which numbered just 26 at the time, Cousin Island was a coconut plantation. Ace Boater will help you to get boat license.

The island was awarded protected status, the native flora was replanted, and it is currently designated as a special reserve. Even if you are not interested in this, it is a fascinating site to visit because it has a truly one-of-a-kind deserted island atmosphere that is difficult to match anyplace else in the Seychelles.

Relax and unwind. 

Ifyou’re on the Seychelles, there’s a good likelihood that leisure was part of your itinerary. It’s almost impossible not to on these laid-back islands, where life seems to slow down a notch or two. Beach time is the ultimate of relaxation, and the Praslin Island location of beautiful resorts in Seychelles does not disappoint. 

The guidebooks recommend Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, but Anse Volbert was our favorite.Story Seychelles Resort in Beau Vallon in the Mahé island is an excellent option as well.

Its spaciousness allows you to carve out your own space without feeling crowded, and the bay is full of shallow, clean waters for swimming around in when laying in the sun becomes too much!

Pose with a Rare Beast for a Selfie 

Outside of the Galapagos Islands, the Seychelles are the only spot on the planet where you can see wild giant tortoises. If you want to see these uncommon creatures up close and personal, take a boat journey to Curieuse Island, where the population is the largest and most accessible. Not only that, but you’ll witness mangrove forests, stunning beaches, and maybe even a hawksbill turtle if you’re lucky.


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