10 Simple and Best Mobile App Ideas for Your Business

The mobile app is considered to be a critical business tool that has gained massive popularity in 2020. The most searched term in Google in 2020 is “app ideas 2020”. Many Statista reports have stated that the percentage of people who use mobile to go online is about 60%. Also, wearesocial.com analytics shows that the internet’s penetration across the globe is 50% for developing countries and 85% for developed countries. Similarly, the internet time mobile share is crossing 50%, and few major business verticals that use mobile apps to promote their business include retail, social media, fitness club, tourism, restaurant, classified services, small business, and more.

10 Simple & innovative mobile app ideas!

Making an app for android and launching an app is being easier only with top mobile app development companies. Many mobile app companies provide many Android app development services, and choosing the right android app development company for launching your app is more important for your business to grow. Today we will check out the ten best and simple mobile app ideas that can make your business grow.

My Personal Chef

If you are a foodie, then you will love this mobile app idea. The app helps people to prepare their favorite dishes at home. It includes top chefs who are experienced in cooking unique dishes. If the users love the chefs, they can rate them and make a list of their favorite chefs. The app is best suitable for customers who miss their home food. The app can offer a route map to the chef, share location to the user, book the chef, and more.

My Parking Space

The app is used to explore different parking spaces in the developing or developed city. Some prerequisites include identifying the congestion areas, peak hours, setting up parking spaces, and more. My Parking space app can help in influencing traffic analysis data and GPS from Google’s associated services to suggest and pinpoint the related parking lots.

Share a Book

The app is a social media app that is designed for book lovers. Many book lovers are not able to find their favorite books due to so many issues. For them, this app will be the best option. The readers can use this as a sharing platform to share books and read them. The app enables the book lovers from the location to chat, conduct literary meets, arrange meetings, etc.

The Skill app

The app is best suited for vibrant and dynamic individuals. They may be skilled professionals or seeking a trainer. The others can share their skills in this app as it showcases the professional trainers from different industries, and the user can easily connect and arrange classes with them. The app helps in improving skills and employment simultaneously.

Your power app

The power app integrates your conventional power supply and green energy grid to generate usage data. The app enables the user to total power available at their wind energy or solar cell pool. The app also helps in suggesting a green target based on the storage capacity. The power app can also integrate and enable switching between conventional and green power.

Travel Plan

The travel plan is one of the travel planners that provides a new dimension, especially to traditional travelers. The app helps the user to synchronize and integrate their schedule with the applications, The app can be used with any type of office 365 tools and Google My Analytics. The app gathers the input on your determined destination and uses the schedule and preferences to provide the best trip date.

Integrated Medicine app

The integrated medicine app plays a vital role in solving the user’s health problems. The app comes with different home remedies that can be used for various health problems, and this is classified on the cultural and geographical lines. There are also options for calling the doctor in the app.

Invest in ideas

Every user can build their profile and share their ideas in the Invest in ideas applications. It needs a minimum benchmark to provide better visibility to offer the best view of maximum visibility. The investor side collaboration is more critical for launching an app.

Own a farmer

The app helps to create a healthy relationship with health seekers and farmers. Difficulty in producing organically and cost are the main reasons for the farmers to switch to artificial means. The app helps to own a farmer scheme, and this app enables interested users to act individually or form a group. It can then connect to the registered farmers, and this will be displayed depending on the food items that he cultivates.

My AR Carbon Print

The app includes a scanner that requires the fingertip assistance of the user. There are choices for circling the screen activity to help the scanner to recognize the location. If the app database doesn’t hold the details of the activities, then it requires user assistance. The app also suggests the changes needed in habits, behavior, and more for having an eco-friendly life.

I hope the above mobile app ideas will help in improving your business growth. If you are looking for android app development services or the best mobile app development company for launching an app or making an app for android, contact us.