10 Tips Before Planning Visit to Europe

10 tips when traveling to europe

After the crisis that most of the world is currently facing, Coronavirus disease or simply put COVID-19, is over people will naturally be cautious about travelling again. However once the dust settles and we have a chance to organise our thoughts the travel bug will certainly begin biting people once more. This list of tips for planning a visit to Europe written by Brodie from Aussieinwanderlust will ensure that you have everything planned and organised for when that time occurs.

Brodie has spent the last 6 years travelling through destinations in Europe such as Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Iceland and much many more. He has learnt a lot about travelling safely as well as travelling on a budget during this time and these 10 tips are sure to get you ready for travelling Europe again when the world is safe and healthy.

Tips for planning a trip to Europe

Have a good travel insurance coverage before you travel

If the latest issues with COVID-19 has taught us anything then it’s the fact that purchasing travel insurance is a must have extra expense when planning an epic overseas trip. Many people have been caught out recently when the unthinkable happened and it has been a harsh lesson to use all that travel insurance is important.

Two of the best travel insurance companies Aussieinwanderlust recommends to use depending on the type of trip your taking is World Nomads travel insurance or SafetyWing.

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Know the conversion rate of each country you visit

Having an idea of how much your spending is important if you are trying to stick to a budget while on your trip. In Europe, most countries use the Euro currency but not all of them. Having a guide to the currencies of the countries you are visiting is a good idea.

I suggest having a table in your wallet or day bag with your home currency and the exchange rate of the currency of the countries you plan to visit. Maybe add $1, $10, $50 and $100 in your home currency and then what that is equivalent to in the countries you are travelling too.

Have a travel itinerary in place

I’m all for planning a trip as you go and just winging it but even if that is your style at least plan a rough and loose itinerary. This way you will know what you are hoping to see and experience on your travels. It will also assist you with not overstaying your length of time in one place and then having to rush through other parts of your trip.

If you are planning to have a loose and changeable travel itinerary to travel Europe, then I suggest using the travel services of Busabout. They are a great company that Aussieinwanderlust has used on numerous occasions to attend festivals, island hopping trips in Croatia and Greece and Brodie also used their bus service to travel Europe. Find his complete review of their service in Europe here.

Factor in jetlag when first arriving

An important thing to remember to take into consideration when booking your trip is if you will be suffering from jetlag when you arrive. Depending on where you travel to Europe from this could seriously impact the first few days of your vacation.

Try not to pack to many things into those first few days and allow yourself the chance to rest.

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Don’t attempt to rush your trip and see everything

If you only have a few days, weeks or even a month don’t try and see every country in Europe and every attraction in the city. Prioritize what you want to see and do, then if you have extra time add more things.

You will have a much more enjoyable trip if you stay relaxed and calm.

See a few reviews before booking accommodation or a tour

Read the reviews of the accommodation or tour you are looking to book and when I say read I mean look at a large selection of them not just the last 2 or 3. There is nothing more disappointing than knowing you have wasted your hard earned travel money on an average experience.

Ensure your phone service is not going to charge you large roaming fee’s

Before flying to Europe be sure to check with your phone provider what the restrictions are for using your mobile data overseas. Nowadays many companies are including roaming and data as part of a plan but if you don’t have this and leave your phone roaming the whole time then you are in for a nasty surprise when you arrive back from holidays.

Buy a comfortable bag for the trip

Whether it be a weekend, week escape or a full-blown backpacking trip across Europe get a bag that suits your trip. The worst possible thing is to have a bag that is making your whole experience a nightmare.

Also try and find a good-sized day bag that is comfortable, light weight and breathable on your back.

Don’t overpack your bag

Once you have found the bag that you desire it is then time to pack it with clothes and travel accessories. Just how choosing the correct bag is important so is how you pack it and what with. Calculate how long your trip is and pack accordingly. There is not point packing 10 shirts for a week long trip. This will only make carrying your bag and moving around so much harder.

Keep your itinerary as flexible as possible

While it is important to have a travel itinerary in place it is also important to keep some mornings, afternoon and even days completely free of plans. You are on holidays after all so treat it as such. Allow yourself the time to soak in the sun at a park or beach, allow for large lines to popular attractions or simply spend the mornings enjoying a peaceful sleep in.

The aim of a holiday is to enjoy it and stay stree-free so don’t put extra pressure on yourself. There is a list of 10 important travel planning tips you should think about while organising your next trip to Europe. I hope these will be as helpful to you as they have been for my travels around Europe and the world over the last few years. If you would like to learn some more travel tips, destination guides or ways to become a digital nomad for yourself take the time to find Brodie at the travel blog Aussieinwanderlust.


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