10 unique & Stylish ideas for your Pillow Boxes


Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are made like small pillows made of cardboard and other packaging materials. They come with tabs that interlock and that is how the box gets sealed. Custom printed pillow boxes are used to sell generally small items. They are usually not designed to hold heavy-weight items. Pillow boxes are a relatively new addition to the world of custom packaging but getting popular very quickly because of their innovative nature. Pillow boxes add a huge value to the custom packaging of any product. They look elegant on the shelves and instantly grab the attention of customers.

Packaging is the key ingredient of any business that sells some kind of product. There are so many packaging options available in the market now. All these options do not have the same impact on the sales, though. Pillow boxes work very well to attract customers and raise sales. Their flexibility is their best quality. They can be used to pack multiple kinds of products in them. Pillow boxes are packed and designed in so many ways. Here are a few unique and stylish ideas to make your pillow boxes look their best:

1. Pillow Boxes with Handles

Pillow boxes can be more convenient if you add handles to them. Handles will make them look nicer, and they are practical, too, primarily if the pillow boxes are used as gift boxes. If you put handles on custom printed pillow boxes for your products, they will fly off the shelves. It would be a dream come true for your business.

2. Pillow Boxes for Party Favors

Pillow boxes can be used for wedding favors or party favors. Buy wholesale pillow boxes in bulk for this purpose. They will be very reasonably priced this way. They look very pretty as favor boxes because of their unique and attractive look. Your guests will also love something other than regular gift bags. When they are bought as wholesale pillow boxes, then there is no extra burden on your pocket. This money saved from packaging can be used in other departments to raise the quality of your party.

3. Window Pillow Boxes

Window boxes are always a good idea for product packaging. Pillow boxes with window have even more impact on the customers. A little, peek of what inside the box entices the customer to make the purchase. Pillow boxes are already usually successful in grabbing the attention of the customer. That tiny window in the box is key to the heart of the customer. Custom packaging is famous because you can get these kinds of additions in them. Therefore, if you have doubts, now you can easily go with pillow boxes with window.

4. Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Custom packaging is one of the most important marketing tools. This rule is applied on pillow boxes too. Pillow boxes can easily be printed. If you are using them for your product packaging, then printing would be the best decision. Custom printed pillow boxes have even more chances of selling. They will be able to provide all the necessary information about the product.

5. Crafted Pillow Boxes

You can easily craft pillow boxes at home and personalize them. All you need is some cardboard. You can use some light material too if the box is for a very lightweight item. Pillow boxes Kraft is also possible at home. You will need eco Kraft paper to make pillow boxes. The Internet is full of tutorials on how to make pillow boxes at home. Just search and use a credible source to make your pillow boxes Kraft. This will be a very personal touch to the packing of a gift. You can finish off the box with your choice of decor.

6. Pillow Boxes for Kids

Kids love anything out of the box, and pillow boxes are exactly that. Pillow boxes are the best choice for kids’ gifts. There are premade boxes available with cartoons printed on them. You can get one of those or get your own custom-printed pillow boxes. Another easy way to customize pillow boxes for kids is to buy pillow boxes in bulk and use stickers to decorate them for kids. You can make an activity out of it, too, and give customization tasks to kids. Making pillow boxes yourself will be very cost-effective too. Kids will fall in love with boxes, and your mission will be done there.

7. Holiday Special Pillow Boxes

The majority of the business release their special edition items during the holiday season. Pillow boxes are the best choice for these special edition boxes, for example, Halloween, charismas, and Easter. They are eye-catching and festive; this makes them perfect for the holiday season. If you use them every year, then customers will wait for this time of the year when you launch your special edition pillow boxes.

8. Gift Pillow Boxes

Gift pillow boxes just need cardboard pillow boxes, and the rest is your job. You can get pillow boxes wholesale and then customize them according to the need of the gift box whenever you need them. The cardboard looks very classic. You can decorate it with jute or silk ribbons. This will elevate the overall look of the box immediately. Nothing is better than a customized gift box you make for your loved ones.

9. Candy Boxes

Candy boxes are the best, and when they are made in the shape of a pillow, they are even better. The glossy or matt coating will make them look like perfect candy boxes. Vibrant and fresh colors are the best addition to pillow candy boxes. Nothing is better than the individuality of a product packaging, and pillow boxes serve this purpose really well.

10. Luxury pillow Boxes

All the above-given ideas might make you assume that pillow boxes have nothing to do with luxury. Let’s revisit then; pillow boxes will be an amazing choice for luxury packaging. Their distinctive looks work in every way. You can easily use them to pack luxury products. You just have to pick a material that suits the product. Pillow boxes are a shape that is conveniently suitable for luxury products, and you just have to customize how you want it to look.


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