20 Beautiful Natural Hairstyles Ideas For Wedding

Natural Hairstyle Ideas

Ding dong, here comes the bride! The wedding season is one of the most glamorous and beautiful in terms of beauty and fashion. No matter, if you are a bride or just a guest, choosing a suitable hairstyle for the wedding, is crucial, and we selected some of the best natural hairstyles.

1. Platinum buzz

Curly Wavy Hair
Short Hair

We start this list with a bold and modern look. This is one of the best natural hairstyles for short hair, and it will make your outfit and makeup pop.

2. Sleek low bun For Natural Wavy Hair

Natural Wavy Low Bun
Low Bun Hairstyles

Elegant, chic, and very delicate, this hairstyle is excellent for brides or guests, and it is suitable for many ages and complexions.

3. Long sided braids

Braided Long hair
Braided long Hair

Natural hairstyle braids are a fantastic look for any occasion, especially for weddings. They are straightforward to style, and they will give you an exquisite look.

4. Pinned-up hairdo

long wavy hairstyles

This hairstyle is exquisite and bold, and it has the main advantage that you can add hair accessories on the side to add glamour and style to your look.

5. High puff

curly wavy hair
Natural Wavy Hair

This is the most iconic natural hairstyles, and it is excellent for a wedding. If it is the choice of the bride, you can also add a string of jewelry or pearls at the base of the puff to make your hair even more glamorous. You can also get the look with deep wave bundles

6. Short micro curls

Natural Wavy Curls

Elegant and versatile, this hairstyle is great for any age or personal style. It is considered one of the most glamorous hairstyles for short hair, and it adds saneness to any outfit and looks.

7. Braided crown For Curly Wavy Hair

Crown Braid For Natural Hair
Natural Braids for long hair

If you want to feel like a true Greek goddess, this is the hairstyle for you. This high updo will make your face and complexion look longer, and it is excellent for dresses that have a heart-shaped or deep cleavage.

8. Short bob

Short Wavy Hair

This cute, chic, and elegant hairstyle is suitable for any occasion, especially for a wedding. It is exquisite, and it will give you a vintage and yet beautiful vibe.

9. High braided bun

Braided Bun For Wavy Hair
Braiding Hair

Versatile, simple, and very clean, this hairstyle is perfect for any formal occasion, and it is ideal for both the bride and the guests.

10. High sleek ponytail

Bounce Straight Hair Bundles
Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

This sleek and smooth hairstyle is one of the most iconic natural hairstyles for a formal occasion, and it can easily be enhanced with hair extensions.

11. Side fish braid

Braids For Natural wavy Hair

Elegant but very laid-back, this is one of the best natural hairstyles for a wedding. It can be embellished with many accessories, being very versatile and glamorous.

12. Embedded braids

Braiding Hair using Virgin Hair
Braiding Long Hairstyles

Full of personality and style, this particular hairstyle is a very bold choice for a wedding. The braids can be decorated with unique accessories for a las vegas weddings, making your whole hairstyle and the accessory itself.

13. Short afro

Natural Short Hair
Short Natural waves

Cool, fresh, and very elegant, this is one of the most iconic natural hairstyles for short hair. It can be matched with any outfit, and it is effortless to wear.

14. The bob

Short Wavy Curls
Wavy Curls

You will find this hairstyle on any list for the formal occasion thanks to the fact that it is exquisite and glamorous, making any look fashionable and trendy.

15. Long parted afro

Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair
Curly Hair Bundles

This hairstyle will say, “let’s get this party started”! Fun, dynamic, and full of personality, this natural hairstyle is excellent for any occasion, especially for a fun wedding.

16. Natural mohawk

Wavy Curls
Natural Hairstyles With Virgin Hair

Rock&roll, girls! Bold, modern, and fashionable, this hairstyle will make you stand out of the crowd while flaunting your natural curls and personality.

17. High textured bun

Braiding Bun Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Elegant and an art piece itself, this natural hairstyle is an excellent choice for a wedding, especially if you are the bride. It will be unique and also comfortable to wear.

18. Sleek twisted braids

Twist Long Hairstyles

Comfortable and very modern, this hairstyle is perfect if you are looking for a luxurious and yet very glamorous hairstyle for a wedding. It is rated as one of the most beautiful and famous natural hairstyles for short hair.

19. Free-flowing hairstyle

Curly Hair Bundles

Natural, glamorous, and very comfortable, this hairstyle is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a relaxed and charming wedding look.

20. Pixie undercut

Short Hair
Short Hairstyles

Short, bold, and very modern, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for a lady full of personality and style, and it will enhance all your facial features and makeup

Choosing a wedding hairstyle for natural hair has never been so easy. We listed some of the most popular hairstyles that are trending this year to make your choice easier. Select the style that matches your personality, look, outfit and makeup, and rock that party! Have fun, and enjoy your beautiful natural hair and curly-wavy hair with these fabulous hairstyles.


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