3 Important Uses and Functions of a Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Are you contemplating investing in a microwave, but you’re still researching before making the final purchase? I’m sure you’re looking to learn about the microwave’s features and uses.

Microwave Ovens have changed a lot nowadays. The days of ovens were only able to bake cookies and cakes. As the fashion for clothes has changed, the science of cooking has too.

If you enter an establishment that bakes cakes and cookies, you’ll find many new products being cooked or baked inside an oven. You might be able to identify a few or all of them. But I’m sure that you’re not able to call them all.

Every day, thanks to the expanding globalization of the world, all things are expanding. Indeed, the research behind baking, cooking and microwave ovens is growing too. We’re here today to talk about the modern microwave oven’s uses and functions.

Microwaves, their uses and functions

The microwave oven operates by heating radiations that directly warms food items placed in the oven. It’s extremely fast when compared to traditional oven cooking techniques. It is not just for cooking, but the stove can defrost refrigerated food items quickly within a few minutes by using an oven in the microwave.

Modern microwave ovens are perfect for various kitchen uses such as cooking, heating, baking and defrosting, heating, and grilling. However, the most important thing is that it can be employed to roast cakes or other food items.

If you’re married and you are a husband, giving a microwave on behalf of your lady will surely bring her more content and provide a further reason to make you feel loved more.

To help you understand the complexities to make your decision easier, we’ve compiled the top convection ovens to be found in 2021. Let’s dive into the issue again and go over microwave ovens’ uses and features.

The uses of a microwave oven

It was a time when traditional ovens were still used in the beginning. You can use it for cooking and heating food or even baking food.

Nowadays, microwave ovens have many automatic functions to make your life simpler. Before we go over these functions, let’s discuss the advantages of using the microwave oven.


Cooking continues to be done on stoves, but the stoves themselves have become electrical in recent years. However, with the stove, when you have an oven in your home that is microwave-friendly, you can prepare multiple meals and save cooking time simultaneously.

You can cook virtually every dish you cook over an oven. In addition, with the latest microwave ovens, it is possible to make delicious rotis in these ovens.

If you are looking for an oven to only cook various foods you can consider a budget microwave oven below 10000 Rs.


A microwave oven bakes cookies, cakes and pastries, or even pizzas. Many small-scale bakery owners today use a convection oven for baking. But, for professionals, baking is perfect when done with an OTG.

It is essential to understand why OTGs are the best choice for baking. If you’re someone who wants to try different recipes in the kitchen, take a look at this article about the top ovens to bake cakes at home.

Grilling and roasting

Making sandwiches, roasting chicken and grilling tikkas is now a possibility at home, with a microwave. There is no need for the barbeque set up to grill or roast your favorite dishes.

Modern microwave ovens come with the ability to grill your favorite food items. Additionally, you can use the 360-degree rotisserie feature for cooking perfectly cooked chicken tikkas and other non-veg dishes.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, microwave ovens are becoming more automated, making your life simpler. Much like smartphones today, Microwave ovens are also brilliant.

A variety of helpful capabilities and features are in development and will be featured in the coming models of the diverse brands.

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