DIY Crafts

4 DIY Activities That Kids Can Do During School Holidays

I know students got a lot of work to do at home from school during their holiday season. But still, they get enough time to do some creative work during their free time. There are many easy DIY crafts that could be very attractive for the school going kids.

In this article, I am going to discuss the 4 DIY activities that you can teach your kids during these school holidays.

Easy Pirate Cork Boats

Little kids love to play with the boats, so why not make a DIY boat? Kids will definitely love to make this easy pirate cork boat on their own. To make this DIY pirate cork boat, you don’t need to spend money or to buy anything. All the required items can be found at home.

For one boat, you need 3 bottle corks which are enough for the stability of the boat to float in the water. With that, you need two elastic bands that will be used to keep the corks in place.

You also need 1 toothpick and any kind of crafting paper or crafting foam that can be found in the school bag stationary of your kids.

Make sure that you are using all the three corks of almost the same width. Attach them to each other with the help of elastic bands on both sides. Then use the crafting paper to make a sail for the cork boat. You can give it a touch of pirates sail by making a little design on that.

You can also make a small flag on the toothpick by using a different color of craft paper. Now, fix your toothpick on the central cork and your DIY pirate boat is ready to float in the water.

Cute DIY Paper Rainbow Craft

This DIY craft idea is only for the kids of 3 to 7 years. They will love to make paper rainbow craft as it is easy for them and it looks beautiful. Again, you don’t need to buy anything special for this. All the items can be found in the stationary school bag of the kids.

You just need to take a simple paper and have to cut it into a shape of a cloud. Then you need to make long strips with paper and color them with the rainbow colors and use glue to attach these strips with the cloud.

That is it. You can show your kids this easy tutorial for making this cute paper rainbow craft.

Make Empty Paint Can Planters

Making DIY planters is a great idea as it is not only good for the atmosphere, but it is also a good outdoor decoration for the playing area of the kids. With empty paint cans you can easily make the DIY paint can planters with your kids.

You might have empty paint cans in your house if you have done paintwork in your house recently. If you don’t have the paint cans, you can also use the empty tin soda cans as you are going to make small planters for kids.

Here you can check a lot of DIY planter ideas and you can try many of them with your kids during these holidays.

DIY Pencil Box Crafts

A DIY pencil box is another great craft that can be made during these holidays with either empty soda cans or even with the card paper. Make sure to soften the edges of the empty cans as it could hurt the hands while using it.

If you are using a card paper then you can decorate it with gift paper to make it colorful. You can also paint the paper or soda cans with cartoon faces. Kids will love this for sure. This will be the easiest DIY crafts that kids can make and it is useful as well to keep the colors and pencils of your kids.