4 Misconceptions about iPhone Screen Repairs in Vancouver

4 Misconceptions about iPhone Screen Repair in Vancouver

Cell phones have rapidly evolved from a communication device to a daily necessity, and iPhones lead the cell phone industry and get better & faster with time. But, unfortunately, even the most reliable smartphones are susceptible to cracks and bracks. Moreover, people have some wrong perceptions about iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. We shall discuss the four myths concerning iPhone screen repairs in this post. Let us start:

Myth 1: There is no point in fixing your broken iPhone screen if it still works for you. Some iPhone users do not care and continue using their iPhones long after the screen cracks or when their glass pieces fall off. This practice emerges from their ignorance and nothing else. They do not bother repairing as they do not know the iPhone screen repair cost. Moreover, if the phone is still in working condition: What is the point of repairing it?

Such iPhone users need to change their perception. For example, if water spills on the cracked screen, their iPhone would be of no use to them. If they have their iPhone screen repaired on time; they can avoid further damage to their beloved phone as screen damage can always be fixed! iPhone users also overestimate iPhone screen repair costs and keep using their damaged devices; instead, they should take advantage of the iPhone screen repair screen because it is a cost-effective option.

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Myth 2: Buying a new iPhone is quicker than screen repair. In the modern era, we do not like using old cell phones. Instead, we prefer throwing away the damaged stuff without even considering the fixes. Unfortunately, some iPhone users mistakenly assume that a screen repair is a terrible option for the same reason and can cost as much as a new iPhone. Nevertheless, iPhone screen repair is faster, more convenient, and cost-effective, provided that you pick the right repair person to do the job. If you pick an inexperienced repair technician without knowledge, you may end up ruining your money and phone simultaneously. Moreover, if your iPhone is out of warranty in Vancouver, it can double your repair cost. Therefore, cost, service quality, and turnaround time should always remain important to you when considering iPhone screen repair in Vancouver.

Myth 3: iPhone repairs cost the same as a novel iPhone. Buying a new iPhone is costly. For instance, you can buy iPhone for $700, and it is close to one thousand dollars. On the other hand; if your iPhone screen cracks for any reason, it does not mean you need to buy a new iPhone. A certified iPhone repair shop may fix your iPhone 11 screen for around $200, and it is not that much costly as buying a new iPhone model.

Furthermore, iPhone screen repairs can enhance the life of your cell phone by several months or years; it is the better option for both your wallet and the environment. Extending the life of your phone means you can find a market filled with the newest hardware if you decide to upgrade your iPhone. Utilizing the phone with a shattered screen is never a reasonable option; you should go for iPhone screen repair in its place.

Myth 4: iPhone screen repairs need you to mail in your device and can take weeks. If you are in a hurry and want your iPhone back again, you do not need to worry about the time a repair technician might take to repair it. iPhone screen repairs can be performed within two hours, and even the most critical damages won’t take more than a day or a two for screen repairs in Vancouver.

In reality, mailing in your cell phone and requesting a pick-up should be your go-to option if you have a busy schedule. You also have the option to contact an authentic repair shop for screen repair in Vancouver. Yes, you will be missing your phone for some time if you use it often, but a little patience will help you get your iPhone in your hands once it is being repaired.


Mentioned below are the four myths that you need to remember about iPhone screen repair in Vancouver:

  1. There is no point in fixing your broken iPhone screen if it still works for you.
  2. Buying a new iPhone is quicker than screen repair
  3. iPhone repairs cost the same as a novel iPhone.
  4. iPhone screen repairs need you to mail in your device and can take weeks.

Repairing your iPhone is always the best option as it can help you save your money and the environment at the same time. Some iPhone users also think that they can fix their iPhone screens in no time and cheaply without considering the repair, but this is also a wrong perception. As an inexpert, you will always take more time than experts at repairing iPhone screens. Lastly, you may even damage your phone further with DIY screen repairs because repairing is not your job.

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