5 DIY Handmade Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gift
Birthday Gift

Nothing matches the appeal and charm of handmade gifts. When a gift is handcrafted, it becomes
meaningful and special for the recipient. It reveals your effort, thoughtfulness and love to the recipient.
Therefore, we have come up with handmade gift ideas for birthdays. Because every second day is the
birthday of someone close to your heart, and you find yourself struggling with what unique to gift?
To put an end to all the struggles, we have listed DIY gifts with instructions to make each product.
1) Marble Ring Dish: A useful and beautiful gift for all women, ring dish. Ring dishes make for
beautiful spaces to store rings and other jewellery.
● You will need baking clay of different colours for this.
● Now, cut the clay into vertical strips, roll it into strands.
● Repeat it with other coloured clay as well.
● Now, mix all the coloured strips and make a ball out of it.
● Roll the ball with a rolling pin.
● Cut out a circle using a mould and give it a shape of the bowl.
● Bake as per the instructions.
You can paint the edges or write the name of the recipient inside the marble dish.
2) Mug and Coasters: A perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers, mugs and coasters. Make it more
appealing by handcrafting and designing it for the recipient.
● First, you will need a ceramic mug. Either of white colour or any other colour.
● To Decorate the mug, there are different designs and patterns.
● You can make polka dots from acrylic paint or any other design.
● In the bottom half, apply glue and pour glitter powder, dust off the excess.
● With paints, glitters, and marker paints; you can design the mug.
● For coasters, you will need popsicle sticks and washi tapes.
● Cover the sticks (at least 7-8) with washi tapes.
● Now, arrange 7 sticks horizontally, one below the other with glue, and at the back, paste one
vertical stick for support.
● You can create any pattern from the popsicle sticks to make a coaster.
3) Cupcake Flower Bouquet: Sweet and delicious birthday gift for a sweet tooth! If you do not wish
to bake the cupcakes, you can order cupcakes from a bakery providing online cake delivery in Hyderabad at your doorstep, and arrange it in a bouquet (follow second, third, and fourth step).
● Bake cupcakes. You can use cupcake mix and bake as per instructions. It is easier. Go with the
favourite flavour of the recipient.
● Buy a styrofoam ball, a pot or a vase, and toothpicks.

● Place the ball in the pot/vase, and arrange toothpicks on it all over. Angle the toothpicks in an
upward direction.
● Now, add cupcakes on the toothpicks.
● Your pretty sweet cupcake flower bouquet is ready.
● The number of cupcakes is your choice. And, the number will determine the size of the bouquet.
4) Terrarium Kit: Terrariums are beautiful and come in various shapes and sizes. It’s the ideal gift
for both plant and non-plant lovers because they are low maintenance, and will beautify the
● Buy a glass vase or a glass jar with a lid. Varieties of glass vase for terrariums are
● Add well-drained peat moss or coco coir soil. Then, add a few colored pebbles.
● Now, place terrariums and succulent plants.
● You can further decorate the vase with a miniature Buddha figurine or any other
decorative item.

5) Painted Vase With Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers in a hand-painted vase to instantly cheer up the
the birthday guest of honor.
● Take any vase of your choice. You can use the old one from your home.
● Paint the vase with thick strips of colors (Use contrasting or complementary colors).
● Add fresh flowers and a birthday card.
You have got plenty of ideas. Make any of these gifts with love for the recipient.



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