When we talk about the cakes the only thing that comes to our mind is the frosting but cakes are just not bound till that the cakes are just much more than that, you can always order cake online in delhi and just enjoy the amazing cakes that are there. All you have to do is just place your order.

You really don’t have to worry about their taste and the cakes that are there, they really do taste sweet. So, you can always enjoy these cakes whenever you feel like. These cakes will just remind you of the perfection that is there. They might seem plain to you but when it comes to the taste, they are just perfect like the cakes.

When a layman categorizes a cake, they just think about the chocolate cake or the fruit cake and all but in reality, the cakes are much more than that. When you ask a baker, they will also talk about the dry cakes that are there and these are just perfect whenever or wherever you desire to have them.

Now before you are confused with the caking world here are a few cakes that you can opt for:


These cakes are just made with butter and sugar and that is just the same thing with any other cake but the best part is that they are easier to make and serve as a perfect choice for afternoon tea. You can always have these cakes with you, although it depends on how you make the batter, you can use the egg whites, egg yolks and, many other things that are there and with just a little baking powder, they are just perfect. So now you know something that you can have for your afternoon tea.


The sponge cake is just a cake which will just be prepared in no time, all you need to have is the milk and if you are running low on the baking powder or baking soda then you don’t have to worry, sponge cake has your back!

The cake is prepared with the lemon curd filling inside or with the whipped cream, make your own fresh whipped cream to make it healthier. It’s just a tasty snack that you can have any time that you like. Another thing that you need to keep by your side are the egg whites and you are good to go with this cake!


Yes! You read that right, just like the angel the cake also has the goodness filled in it. The best part about the cake is that you can always have it as it has the goodness of berries. The cakes have the chewy taste and are just perfect as the birthday cake that is there, you can always have this cake if you wish to. This cake just needs the egg whites no yolks. The best part is that the cake has no butter in it, so you know a cake online Bangalore that you can go for which is just fat free. So just decorate it with loads of berries and other fruits and just enjoy the cake that you have. It will just be a delight.


This delicacy is made with beating the eggs and sugar together till they are thick, all you will need is a round cake pan or a jelly cake pan to bake these cakes and just enjoy their taste. There are times when we feel like our cake lacks moisture and that’s one of the major problems with this one. What you can do here is that you can always for the syrup to keep it moist and decorate it with some berries and enjoy the cake.


Sounds really unique, right? Well it is unique as well, just keep your chocolate syrup ready , usually it is known to be moulded from a pan or a dessert ring, and one thing that you must keep in mind is that, you need to always keep the pan chilled before you begin with the moulding process. You can always use the cocoa powder on the top of the syrup and it is usually observed that the mousse cakes and the unbaked cheesecakes are made with such a process.

Now after a lot of examples you must have kept your baking tools ready, so just start baking if you want to try something and if your loved one is far from you ad you just want to surprise them with a cake then you can always pick your phone up and place an order online and the cake will be delivered on time. Goodluck!



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