5 Major Benefits of Hiring an Expert Writer for Your CDR

5 Major Benefits of Hiring Expert Writers for Your CDR

There is a belief that engineers are not exactly good writers. Well, if you are asked to solve mathematical equations. Take measurements and work on practical projects on a regular basis. How is it supposed to improve your writing skills? But unfortunately, you will have to showcase some extraordinary writing skills if you want to move to Australia (CDR) and have a career in engineering.

Since Australia offers a great number of career opportunities to aspiring engineers. Most engineering graduates around the world wish to settle down in Australia. However, before they can have a career in engineering in Australia. They need to prove their competency as an engineer to Engineers Australia. The national forum for the advancement of the engineering field within Australia and a member of the Washington Accord.

What Is a CDR?

Engineers Australia (EA) is responsible for the assessment of the skill through the rating of technical reports submitted by international engineers. Such reports are known as the competency demonstration report or CDR. In simpler words, if you are a citizen of a foreign nation (except the member nations of the Washington Accord), you need to present an impressive CDR to pass the skill assessment of EA.

You will be surprised to know that thousands of CDR Australia get rejected by EA every year as they fail to meet the standard set by the forum. This is the reason why a lot of applicants rely on expert writers for the CDR. You should also consider this option if you want to pass the rating with flying colors.

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A CDR consists of the following sections

  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant:

It must include all the crucial details about the applicant, such as his/her qualifications, skills, and other achievements. Also, important project details that he/she has been a part of.

  • Three different career episode reports:

The applicant needs to develop three different essays regarding three different episodes in his/her engineering career. That highlights his/her engineering knowledge, skills, competency, and other crucial abilities.

  • Summary statement:

The summary statement should briefly highlight all the major elements of the career episodes. Hence, must ensure that the applicant has addressed all the competency concerns of EA.

  • Continual professional development:

This section includes all the crucial things that the applicant has learned to stay updated with the latest technical developments and skills in the field after completing the graduation degree.

While it may sound simple now, drafting a remarkable CDR in compliance with the EA’s migration skills assessment (MSA) guidelines is not going to be easy. If you do not feel confident about your writing skills, it is better to hire an expert writer.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert CDR Writer

If you are looking for CDR writing assistance, it is obvious that you are from outside Australia. Thus, it won’t be wrong to assume that you have almost zero clues about the writing standards followed in Australia. While that is good enough to hire an expert writer for CDR help. There are plenty of reasons to bank on professional CDR writers.

  • Better writing ability:

When you hire an expert CDR writer, you should expect better writing support for your CDR. As mentioned earlier, you may not have impressive writing skills. Since you did not get enough writing practice as an engineer. These writers, on the other hand, write CDRs on a regular basis. They certainly have better writing skills than an average engineer. So, it is better to rely on their writing skills than to risk your chances by writing the CDR all by yourself.

  • Better knowledge of Australian standards:

Since you have studied and worked outside Australia till now. It will be difficult for you to suddenly adopt the writing standards followed in Australia. In fact, even if you are a good writer, there are chances that you may fail to meet Australian standards. So, it is always better to work under the supervision of an expert writer. Who is familiar with the writing standards and knows what the assessment committee at EA will like to see in a CDR!

  • Better presentation of your skills and achievements:

Even though the CDR should highlight the skills, knowledge, achievements, and experience of the applicant. Thus, hiring an expert CDR writer is still a better decision. You may provide more details and information about yourself while drafting the CDR. But when it comes to the presentation of those details, the writer has more experience in this. You can simply share all the crucial details about your engineering knowledge, skills, achievements, and experiences. The expert will present it in an impressive manner.

  • They know what works best:

This may be the only CDR you will write in your entire career. But the experts will help for study help, thousands of candidates every year in CDR writing. They are not only familiar with the CDR writing process. In addition, they also know which approaches work in the assessment and which do not. So, when you hire an expert, you have more chances of getting your CDR approved by EA than when you prepare it yourself.

  • Saves a lot of time:

When you are planning to move to Australia, you need to focus on a variety of things. If you get occupied with CDR writing for a week or so. You will not get any other work done during that period. So, it is a better idea to hire an expert writer and let him/her take care of the arduous task. While you focus on other crucial tasks. Of course, you need to stay in touch with the expert and get regular updates about the status of the CDR. Still, you will save a lot of time.


While hiring an expert writer is going to be beneficial, do not rely blindly on any expert you find on the internet. Confirm their legitimacy and also proofread the CDR before submitting it to EA. Since it is going to determine the future of your career, you need to take all the precautions you can.