6 Tips to Plan a Trip to Orlando amidst the Current Pandemic

6 Tips to Plan a Trip to Orlando amidst the Current Pandemic

We are living in trying times. The current pandemic has tested our endurance at levels we were not aware of. Amidst all the chaos and hardships, it is normal to feel an urge to go out and have fun. Yes, it is possible to have fun responsibly.

After preparing for months Disney World in Orlando is now open with important updates based on the guidelines provided by health authorities. While the safest traveling option is to drive your car to Disney, many people have to travel by air. Hiring a car service in Orlando airport FL should be another task on your to-do list. 

Here are 7 useful tips to plan a trip to Orlando in the current situation.

1. Decide When to Visit

Picking your travel dates is the most important part of trip planning. The best approach is to check the crowd calendars to see when the Disney Park is least busy. Although Disney World is limiting the number of people that can be in the park each day. The crowds are smaller than before, all due to the capacity restrictions but there are days when you have to contend with larger crowds. Before you travel arrangements, find the least crowded day in the park to keep your family safe.

2. Devise a Budget

There is a large variety of hotels on and off Walt Disney World property. Visitors can hire car services for direct travel from Orlando airport to these hotels. There is a wide variety of themes and price ranges. To get the best deal for you, compare the expenses of onsite and offsite stay.

You can find several online resources to compare the costs. Travel discounts and incentives for visitors abound during the pandemic. Avail of all the possible benefits. Start by creating a budget spreadsheet and add up-to-the-minute price line deals.

3. Think about Your Travel Options

You must decide about every part of your travel. How will you reach the airport from your home? The airport transportation can be a hassle especially when you have never been to Orlando. Pick a reliable car service to travel from the airport to your hotel destination. Make sure the company is licensed and bonded. Check on the precautionary measures for safe travels taken by the car rental company. Book your tickets in advance to get discounts.

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus infection, it is highly recommended to get yourself tested. As soon as you know that you are not fit to travel, notify all the concerned people to cancel your reservations. Canceling the reservations is easier and mostly free if you cannot travel due to health concerns.

4. Decide Where to Stay

What is more important when you are choosing a hotel to live in? The price? The location? Or amenities? List out what you want from a hotel and review all the hotels in your budget range. You can easily find detailed guides on all the hotels in Disney.

You might also have to make dining reservations. If you want to have a meal at some of the best-known places in Orlando, it is best to make reservations weeks before you travel. Most of the restaurants have updated their seating and shifted to safe dining experiences. Double-check all the information by reading reviews and testimonials.

5. Make A Vague Plan For Everyday

There is a lot to do in Orlando. It is almost impossible to visit every attraction in a single visit. If you want to make the most of your time, make a vague plan of every day you are going to spend there. Book theme park reservations to avail discounts. You can save a lot of money with early reservations. Orlando can be a magical place!

6. Review the Latest Advisories and Restrictions before Leaving Your Home

Don’t forget to read the latest advisories and restrictions before you leave your home. Check the official websites of the airline you are traveling with, car rental services, hotels, and Walt Disney World parks.

When you are ready to hit the park, get familiar with the latest safety guidelines. Be sure to pack your mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer.



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