7 Digital Marketing Trends Which Are A Solace When Quarantined!


Quarantined home with fun, frolic, and festivities out of our lives currently, digital shopping on the Internet is the only solace. Online marketing shopkeepers work hard to make the experience worthwhile to stay ahead of the curve. Other than the usual ‘visit’ website, or click ‘like’ button and the ‘add to cart’ experience, potential marketing surprises are in store for shoppers online. Changes implemented using artificial intelligence is to boost digital marketing techniques. 

These transformations are a complete possibility when customers get a myriad of ideas and options to choose from at the click of an online button. The concepts in digital marketing that were available earlier have now been reinvented and changed for better experiences for clients online. Here is a recap of some interesting digital marketing trends. They account for countless growth prospects and a sea transformation in digital marketing. Some are implemented and some need to be implemented. They are:

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A Constant Research Process is on the Google Platform 

This initiative is to make Google a ‘quality customer experience’ during marketing. Therefore, the brands that need to be advertised are also doing the same; they are shifting their marketing techniques. From being multichannel, they move to be Omni. And if they intend to be present everywhere, the efforts for optimizing it are most welcome.

Meanwhile, marketing brands that are not protective about their customer sentiments — with authentic, updated secured data of customers — are losing face with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR -2018).  

The Concept Concept of ‘Pay Per Click’ Faces A Makeover 

This is used in advertising or businesses running and is charged when a user clicks on the advertisement, hence the name “pay-per-click.” This year the focus shifts to automation. This is known to be one of the trickiest concepts for students pursuing digital marketing courses. Assistance is provided on various websites offering student support and digital marketing assignment help.       

Voice Search And Video Takes Over SEO

Voice search and video chats will now be of utmost importance with the focus shifting from ‘pay clicks’ to ‘audience-oriented advertising’. Video availability and messaging on email for the brand in demand are the next big game-changer for growing brand awareness and increasing marketing strategy. 

Live Streaming Takes Over

Live streaming allows you to interact with potential customers in real-time. This gives a vast, unperceived opportunity for marketing companies to communicate and grow an online audience on a bigger frame. Therefore, voice search now will takeover SEO keyword search content. For example, the Q&As on Quora and discussion forums that need assignment help will now provide a higher level of engagement which are user-generated content and are the next big social trend.

User-Generated Content Gets Precedence

Keywords are soon going to lose their glamour in content generation. The focus is now on ‘cluster content.’ It is a group of content around one particular topic, which is the pillar (topic pillar) for all information on the subject to be available and are linked or hyperlinked together with long-tail keywords. The advantage of one page performing well boost sales as the rest of the topics that are advertised herein receive the audience also.    

With Age Social Media Matured

From Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram Stories, Twitter’s Promoted Pins all matured and redefined themselves for a more important, better marketing strategy as they do not come in the way of audience browsing and remain relevant as they have not only introduced technological changes within themselves but an organizational one too.

The Significance Of Email Content

The emails have not lost their lustre in the new age of digital marketing, On the contrary, they have intensified with welcome emails, review emails, survey emails, offer emails and reactivation emails attached with video clips of brands needed for advertising to make marketing more accessible. 

Chatbot Gets Redefined

Chatbots played a crucial role in online marketing, but Artificial Intelligence redefined its ConceptConcept. It introduced natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analytics for customers in a far-off land who are’ of to shop online’ in the language they are well versed in other than English. This is likely to revolutionize the ConceptConcept of digital marketing and ‘shake it to wake it’ even further with Chatbot being redefined. By the end of the year, chatbots will power 90 % of customer service interaction with the voiceover and video content device available immediately that takes over product sales.

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Final Word:

This year is a mixed bag of various experiences that are inhouse in social isolation. It is about creating a fine-tuned online digital marketing experience easier for customers. This experience is mostly voice-based or video-based. The content generated here is mainly based on the reviews that came from customers for the services they availed other than the product available online by way of testimonials onsite, which means businesses need to be prepared full-on, for the inevitable. So are we now back to where we started from, the traditional way? Where the customer is king. There will never be an iota of doubt on that!!