7 Marketing Tactics to Stay on Top of Your Business Growth

Marketing Tactics

Even if you have the best products or services among all the competitors in your niche, you cannot reach out to your prospective customers without an effective marketing plan in place. To stay on top of your sales and to emerge as a quality brand, you need to pay attention to your marketing tactics.

To increase your visibility and to get noticed by your target audience, you will have to up your marketing game. Therefore, if you are a startup, dedicate some resources and finances solely to reap great benefits in the long run. Remember, marketing is the key to your business success!

Considering hiring a team of advertising specialists from a marketing staffing agency? Yes, you can do that. But you can also do it yourself. All you need is a set of effective marketing strategies. Thanks to social media and the internet making marketing much easier than before.

Top 7 Tips to Market Your Business Effectively

  1. Establish a Strong Social Media Presence.
  2. Leverage Facebook Ads.
  3. Create an Impressive Website.
  4. Consider Using Google My Business.
  5. Consider Distributing Free Samples or Offer Free Demos.
  6. Leverage Influencers.
  7. Use More Video Content.

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

We live in the age of social media. With a massive population glued to the smartphone screens browsing social media 24/7, you can’t miss the opportunity of engaging them. Check out the numbers of active monthly users on popular social media forums such as Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and others. Anf you’ll be surprised!

Create impacting profiles on social media sites and share original, helpful, and relatable content to gain more traction. Share user testimonials and positive reviews by your satisfied clients. Introduce a blog, share demos, share tips, and share video snippets of the faces behind your brand. There are zillions of creative ways to stand out from the crowd on social media. Use them!

Leverage Facebook Ads

If your business is about targeting a particular group, Facebook ads are a great help. You can focus your advertising using features like age group, gender, interests, location, and online behaviors.

This marketing solution is effective and relatively inexpensive. You can reach a massive number of potential clients in a very brief time.

Create an Impressive Website

You cannot have an official or legit feeling about your business if you don’t have a proper website. A poorly-designed site can put off more customers than you can think of. Therefore, invest in creating an impressive and easy-to-use website. It should have an attractive color scheme, a logical layout, and easy navigation.

Introduce your team and share video snippets to make it more dynamic. The website is pretty basic. So, don’t make the mistake of ignoring your website.

Consider Using Google My Business

This tool is very useful for local businesses, which have a local customer base. Just like Facebook ads, you can target customers in a particular area and appear on top of the search results. Good reviews will increase your credibility and people will trust you.  

Giving out Free Samples or Free Demos

For your product/services awareness, it is a great idea to host giveaways on social media. You can also distribute your products and offer your services free in a particular location. You may advertise that you have created a groundbreaking, novel product, but when people hear it from those who have actually used them, you will witness how credible your brand becomes.

Leverage Influencers

Pushy ads can be overwhelming. However, when people see their favorite influencing reviewing a product, they will be interested. Invest in having a popular influencer from your niche review your product/service. This can do wonders for your brand. For instance, if you are a makeup brand, consider sending a PR package to your favorite MUAs. Make sure you send it to the ones with millions of followers. Take this as more of an investment strategy.

You can easily target those millions when the MUA reviews your products and records demos and live videos.

Use More Video Content

Video content is massively trending. People are all about video content. Especially on social media apps. No one wants to skim huge chunks of never-ending text no matter how much they like a product/service. However, they have all the patience in the world to watch a video snippet with someone talking about all that info. Whether it is about your manufacturing staffing procedures or about the range of multivitamins you offer, their preferred content type would be video. They would even watch an hour-long video but they won’t read 3 chunks of written content.

Therefore, if you want to embrace futuristic marketing tactics or marketing hacks, start investing in video content.


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