7 Reasons To Consider A LED TV Rather Than a LCD TV


When people discuss high-definition televisions. A variety of terminologies are used. The two most often used words are LCD and LED. What do these expressions truly mean? What is the difference?

For instance, is there a big difference between lg tv price with LED and LCD displays? By and large, consumers believe that LED TVs are superior to LCD televisions.

What is LED TV and LCD TV?

LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display): 

LCDs are a common type of high-definition television. They are flat panel displays that allow light to pass through or be blocked. The panel is divided into parts each part filled with liquid crystals.

LED TV (Light Emitting Diode): 

An LED is a semiconductor device that converts electricity to light. LEDs are frequently used to backlight LCD panels. Resulting in a sharper image. LED TVs are not a new television format, rather they are an improved version of the earlier LCD version.

Here are seven compelling reasons for selecting an LED TV over an LCD TV:

The Quality of the Images:

He sharpness of a television image is directly proportional to the rate at. Which it is refreshed. The phrase “refresh rate” refers to how frequently a picture is refreshed per second. LED TVs possess a greater refresh rate than conventional LCD televisions. Creating the appearance of a higher quality on an LED TV than on an LCD.

Better brightness and contrast:

An LED display uses an individual backlight and dimming system, alongside a light-emitting diode that emits its own light. On the other hand, an LCD display works on a technology that blocks light instead. By utilizing partial dimming, LED-lit televisions are capable of creating superior contrast. Partial dimming conserves energy at points in the picture where the image is steady.

LED TVs are smaller and slimmer:

LED TVs are more compact and slimmer than traditional LCD televisions. They take very little space and are quite light, making them ideal for hanging on a wall. LED television panels are up to two centimeters thinner than LCD television panels. Due to the difference in technology, an LCD display has two layers, whilst an LED display has only one.

LED is better for the eyes:

Eye safety is a key problem in today’s modern world. While both LCD & LED employ liquid crystal displays. The difference is in the backlight, which accounts for the majority of the influence on the eyes. The conventional LCDs employ a cold fluorescent cathode display backlight, whereas the LEDs employ Light Emitting diodes. LED backlighting is significantly smaller and safer for the eyes.

Consumption of electricity:

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are use backlight LED TVs. These consume less energy than standard LCD television’s Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL). resulting in significantly less consumption of power than LCD TVs. If you compare the LG TV prices for LED and LCD displays, you’ll see that LED is more expensive. However, LED  will save you money in the long term.

  • Life span: LCD televisions have a lifespan of around 50000 to 60,000 hours. But LED televisions to have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. This is definitely a 50% increase on average, indicating that LEDs are the clear victor here.
  • Screen size options: You can get a maximum screen size of 57 inches on an LCD TV. While LED TVs can come up to 90 inches.


LED TVs meet the demands and preferences of the new generation in India. They are more attractive in design too. With the increasing shortage of space in new residential complexes. What better than an ultra-thin LED display to give a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home? Be it the older generation or the younger generation. All are opting for a switch to LED from LCD to make their lives more enjoyable and better.

Now that you know the main things that make LCD and LED screens differently. You can better decide which type of television is right for you.

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