7 Steps in Brand Development Explained

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we’re going to talk about developing your brand strategy what are those different steps those 7 steps we should go through in order to develop our brand strategy so we can be a success. 

  1. Short-term or long-term strategy

Developing your brand strategy is really determining your exact short-term and long-term business goals as that’s going to be your drivers of your brand vision. So if your company today is seen as like oh it’s it’s a cheap car company, it makes crappy cars. While long term you want to be seen as a fancy car company. it takes time that’s why you look at short term and long term so what are the short term things i can do oh i can start designing better looking cars i can start maybe giving them more longer warranties and guarantees I can start making better cars then over time people will see it differently. Patches mania is a worth follow profile selling custom pvc patches that built up on short term strategy.

  1. Analysis of Stakeholder

Second thing you need to do is conduct a stakeholder analysis like go out and ask the stakeholders in your business your organization your community what does your company what does your brand mean to them. Because you can determine like who are those key stakeholders who’s going to make a difference who’s who are the people that really matters to and it really helps you understand this. Who  do we need to win over to get people to believe that our car company is making better cars. 

  1. Customer Segmentation 

Developing that customer segmentation based on more than just demographics is you’re looking at developing your brand vision. And your brand vision is the mission statement for your brand like what is it that your brand stands for. No matter what product you make if we put that sony label on it. Will people know that what it’s going to get what are you going to get when you get a sony label. Well, it’s going to be a little bit pricier it’s going to be better than average. 

  1. Developing brand promises

now your brand vision is this overall kind of like big idea kind of stuff the brand promises the actual things that happen like hey what is it i expect to happen when I drink a coca-cola like every time i drink a coke it’s gonna be cold it’s gonna burn in the back of my mouth it’s gonna have a specific flavor etc. I know what i’m gonna get you have that so you got to develop those brand promises.

  1. Brand Positioning

Another important step is develop your brand positioning and your identity and the associated images that go along with it. So if I want my you know mark’s cafe right mark’s all-american cafe so if i say mark’s all-american cafĂ© what do you expect to see ? well, you know there’s going to have like the black and white checkerboard on the floor. There’s got to be a hamburger on there right you got to have like there’s going to be a a statue of liberty somewhere an empire state building someplace maybe a cowboy hat someplace like there’s certain images that go along with that all-american place. So you have that and so you kind of think about what are all the things I need to do to position that brand that way.



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