7 Tips On Eating Well When You’re Tight On Budget

Healthy Food

Okay here’s the time of the month when you’re kinda broke. You don’t have enough money to have fun with your friends and eat any type of food you want. At such moments, what would you do? Well, this is the time when you set your priorities. You need to list down the things that you think are the most important. Keep them in descending order so you know what comes first, second, and so on. And I’m sure, your health comes first for you, isn’t that right?

When it comes to health, there should be zero-tolerance for a compromise. You can’t do anything properly unless you have good health. This is why exercising regularly and eating healthy food should be your first priority. However, we’re going to talk about having good and healthy food every single time when you’re on a tight budget. Sounds impossible, right? Let me tell you some favorite tips on this. I made them even easier for you!

1.  Do Some Planning

Managing a budget is a thoughtful process and it requires some time. You have to plan to save it and predict how things will go. Of course, you can’t just get up and leave for the store to get everything you like to eat. Just sit down, get a pen and a paper, and simply make a weekly plan on what you will be cooking and what things you’re going to need for that. Decide how many meals you’re going to make per week. Write down the things that are required by each of them so you go and fetch those ingredients. You will see a drastic save in your budget even if you’re low on that.

2.  Get Groceries in Large Quantities

This is an ultimate tip but on one condition: make sure that you store the groceries in large quantities that CAN be stored and not get decayed or go bad quickly. There are many vegetables and many spices that can be stored for weeks or a whole month and they are still edible. If you buy them in large quantities, you can get them in a lower price. This will save you money and you can leave the worries for a long time.

3.  Cook in Large Quantities

Having groceries in large quantities give you a better price. And if you make food in large quantities, then you can save your time cooking food all the day. Just spend some time once in a day so you end up with one dish that can be eaten like 3 times ahead.

4.  Don’t Fill Up Your Cart

I know, shopping carts are meant to be filled – that’s why they are large. Anyways, I really don’t want you to fill them up when you go for shopping. And here’s a top tip – never shop for food when you’re hungry. This will make you pick a lot of unnecessary things up which will cost you a lot. Making such unhealthy decisions will hit your budget like a wrecking ball so make sure that you avoid being hungry while shopping.

5.  Cook One Thing In Different Ways

Let’s say that you’ve decided to make beef. Now you need to cook beef in a different way like roast it or fry it maybe. This way, you can eat differently each time and still save money by preventing yourself from buying or cooking any other meal.

6.  Never Shop With A Vulnerable Mind

If your mind can be easily manipulated, then please do not go shopping. You will definitely end up having all those fancy looking things down the cart while buying groceries. You’re on a budget!!! Why would you even think about it? Though I know that it becomes very hard to resist yourself picking those lipsticks that you see at the store wrapped in appealing custom lipstick boxes. I know that the box quality indicates that this brand bought it from Dawn Printing and the lipsticks are just super irresistible. But stop! You’re here on a budget and you need food more than those lipsticks. Keep your eyes focused and don’t look around.

7.  Fresh Food Isn’t Necessary

Buying fresh food isn’t important because you have canned foods in the market. And let me tell you that canned foods are not bad in nutrition. They are just as nutritive as the fresh ones. However, canned foods are preservable and fresh foods may or may not be that. Plus, these foods are cheaper than fresh ones so, buy them instead. You will be really happy to see the saved money with this trick.


Saving money is a really good thing to do and if you’re utilizing it carefully on important things and not utilizing it on unnecessary things, then consider that you’re a master. This is how you know if you’re using money the right way. But make sure that you never compromise on your health no matter how broke you are. Improve your health by having healthy meals under that budget and you’ll see the things go with the flow.


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