8 Rules To Follow While Design Exhibition Stand Graphics


While designing your exhibition stand, you must pay special attention to your booth graphics. The graphic display plays a vital role in designing an attractive exhibition stand. There will be various exhibitors on the trade show floor who are vying to grab the attention of trade show attendees.

If you want to stand out, then you must design alluring exhibition graphics. You have only a few seconds to draw the passerby inside your booth. Therefore, the booth graphic display must leave a good impression on your targeted customers.

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The perfectly designed exhibition stand graphics can easily convey your message to the trade show attendees. Also, they bring life to your trade booth and play a vital role in spreading brand awareness. Wisely designing booth graphics also make your exhibition stand a taking point and increase the footfall inside your booth.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some graphic design exhibition ideas to design a perfect display:

  1. Design According To Booth Type

It is important to know the type of exhibition stand you have selected so that you can design graphic display accordingly. For example, the graphic display designed for the roller banner are not good for large size modular exhibition stand. Also, you should determine the dimensions of your exhibition stand so that you can design the right size graphic display.

  1. Cut Short Your Text Messages

As we have already explained that trade show attendees will take only a few seconds to make their decision. Therefore, you should display short text messages that can convey the right information to the targeted customers. You can hire a good content writer who can write a perfect text message for your exhibition stand graphic display.

The trade show attendees do not have much time to read the long paragraphs. Therefore, you should cut-short your messages for the exhibition graphics. Also, you should limit the images on the graphics display to avoid a mess.

  1. Important Information At The Top

You should also prioritize your information and make sure that the highest priority information should be displayed at the top. It ensures that your potential customers will not miss important information that you want to convey. Usually, people do not read the information at the bottom of the display. So, prioritize important things.

  1. Text Formatting

Once you have created the content to display on booth graphics, then you have to decide the right font style and size to display the text information. You should avoid cursive text style because they are not readable from a distance.

Therefore, you should choose simple and plain text that looks attractive and also readable. While choosing font size, you should make sure that the text is visible to the distant reader so that your information easily conveyed to potential customers.

  1. Display High-Resolution Images

You should display large size and high-resolution images on your graphic display to attract the trade show attendees. Also, you should choose images relevant to your brand and product/services. But, never display faded images on your booth graphics.

It is so because the low-resolution images can disappoint your potential customers. Graphics can convey your messages more efficiently to your potential customers. The pictures can be coney thousands of words; therefore, they should be designed wisely.

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Instead of display too many images, you should pick one good image relevant to your brand to create a good impact. You should make sure that images in the exhibition stand graphic design should have high resolution to grab the attention of people.

  1. Adhere Thumb Rule

It is an undeniable fact that most people read left to right and top to bottom as well. You should consider this fact while designing a graphic display. The flow of graphics should be according to the visitor’s point of view.

Also, you should proofread the text message to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. These small mistakes can disappoint your potential customers. These silly mistakes will make your exhibition stand to look incompetent.

  1. Choose Appropriate Colors

The colors of the graphic display should be according to your brand colors. But, you should also make sure that the graphic display colors do not make it difficult to read your messages. Also, different color has a different significance.

Thus, it is recommended to choose the colors according to the venue of the trade show. There are various things that need to be considered while choosing the colors for the graphic display.

  1. Incorporate Lighting Fixtures

To highlight important sections of your graphics display, you should incorporate the LED lighting fixtures. The LED lighting fixtures consume less energy, and they are available in different colors and styles. Thus, installing LED lighting fixtures will uplift the graphic display of your exhibition stand.


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