8Tips for Creating a Winning CV with a Modern Template


If you’re looking for a modern and professional way to create your CV, then using a template is the way to go. Templates are easy to use and can help you create a CV that really stands out. Here are 10 tips for creating a modern CV with a template that will help you get noticed!

1. Use an easy-to-read font like Arial or Calibri 

Using an easy-to-read font such as Arial or Calibri is pleasant for the employer to view. This will also make your CV more readable and professional looking. 

2. Keep your formatting simple and consistent throughout the document

Choose a simple format that is easy to navigate and doesn’t have too much going on. By doing so, you will stand out from the crowds.

3. Choose the right template 

It’s important to have a modern CV template that can put you in front of most of your competition, so choose the right one. You can also use a CV maker where you can download a cv template online.

4. Make sure your information is neatly organized

Your CV should be easy to read and should flow well. Of course, it will depend on what role you are applying for. Focus on the appropriate elements and be sure that all of the information is neat and well organized. In addition, describe your organizational skills by using active verbs.

5. Make sure your contact information is up to date and easy to find 

You want potential employers to be able to reach you easily? So make sure all of your contact details is up to date.

6. Use strong and impactful headings 

Using strong and impactful headings will help break up the text and make it easier to read.  

7. Use visuals to break up the text 

Adding in charts, or graphs can put you in front of your competition. Apart from that, don’t forget to include a photo! In today’s social media-driven world, employers are increasingly interested in getting to know the person behind the CV. A recent photo can help them do just that. However, avoid anything too casual or unprofessional, a headshot in business attire will usually do the trick. Remember, your CV design should reflect your personal brand and help you stand out from the competition. So take some time to think about what kind of CV design will work best for you.

8. Make sure your page margins are at least 1 inch on all sides 

Set 1 inch margins on all sides when writing your CV. This will help you make your CV look neat. 

In the end, the best modern CV layout will be one that allows you to present yourself in the most effective manner possible.

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