A Simple Guide To Make Kratom Tea

For years, people from different cultures have been enjoying tea daily. Besides bringing an instant smile on anybody’s face, a cup of tea bonds people together. Kratom plant, native to southeastern Asia, is the source of a naturally stimulating, soothing and relaxing tea. The tropical plant’s alkaloid-rich leaves, when brewed, transform into a grassy-flavoured tea. 

By starting your day with this energy-boosting cuppa, you can manage your daily stresses well. Absorbed quickly into the body, kratom tea can cure persistent pain as well as anxiety.

This thoroughly enjoyable tea varies in colour according to the colour of the kratom strain: white, green, and red. Depending on how mild or potent and how clear or opaque you want the kratom tea to be, you can make it in different ways.

Some useful tips for making Kratom Tea:

  1. Never add kratom to boiling water. Instead, add it to the simmering water. This way you can retain the kratom strain’s maximum alkaloid content. Similarly, if you’re using a teapot or an electric kettle for heating water, allow the hot water to cool down for a couple of minutes. Add the cooled water to a mug containing your kratom tea bag. 
  2. Use a mesh strainer for straining tea made from kratom crushed leaf. If you’re making tea from kratom powder, a cheesecloth will strain better.
  3. You can maintain the consistency of the kratom crushed leaf or powder’s alkaloid content by adding lemon juice (acidic by nature) to it. Let it soak well before you heat with water.
  4. With prolonged steeping of kratom, the tea will taste stronger and deeper.
  5. By storing plain kratom tea inside the fridge, it will stay fresh for a maximum of 5 days.
  6. Simply sipping kratom tea isn’t enjoyable at all. Rather, chug it for all the advantages.
  7. If this is your first time with kratom tea, begin with one to two grams of kratom for every cup. Increase the concentration if you find it necessary.

Here’s a simple guide to making kratom tea:

  1. Using crushed kratom leaf:

Do you like tea with a clear texture? If so, crushed kratom leaves make a good choice for preparing the tea. 


  • Thirty-two to forty-eight ounces of water
  • Your measure of kratom 
  • One teaspoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • A sweetener like honey or sugar (optional)              


  • Heat water inside a saucepan. 
  • When the water just starts boiling, reduce heat and add the crushed kratom leaves.
  • Cook the mixture on reduced heat for ten to twenty minutes.
  • Then strain the mixture into a big vessel or container for serving or storage.
  • Add the vinegar.
  • Add a sweetener to the tea if you like.
  1. Using kratom powder:

If you regularly prefer a highly potent tea made from powder, buy bulk kratom powder online. 


  • Eight ounces of water
  • Your dosage of kratom powder 
  • One small lemon, juiced
  • A sweetener like honey or sugar (optional)


  • Heat water inside a pot to a gentle boil.
  • Add lemon juice to the hot water.
  • Now add kratom powder.
  • Stir vigorously to achieve a uniform distribution of the powder. 
  • Warm or simmer the mixture for fifteen minutes.
  • Strain the tea to remove any undissolved powder residue. 
  • Add a sweetener if you like. Stir and drink immediately to get the maximum benefit of the tea. 
  1. Make kratom iced tea:

Do you prefer cold beverages to hot ones? If so, you can easily prepare a refreshing, sweet-tasting kratom iced tea. Won’t it be a perfect drink to sip on a summer afternoon?


  • One cup of prepared and hot kratom tea
  • Two large-sized slices of ginger
  • Two teaspoons of honey
  • Half a cup of orange juice
  • Half a cup of pineapple juice
  • Ice cubes


  • Add ginger slices to the already prepared hot tea. Let the slices steep for about five minutes. 
  • Pour the flavoured tea inside a mixing jar through a strainer. 
  • Stir in honey till it dissolves. 
  • Now add the fruit juices to this tea mixture. Let it cool.
  • While serving in glasses, pour the tea over ice.
  1. Make kratom sun tea:

If you want to make large batches of the tea so that you can store and drink it all through the week, sun tea is the perfect way to prepare it. Kratom sun tea also makes an ideal beverage for large gatherings. This method needs a good amount of UV light, so make sure to prepare the tea on a sunny day. 


  • Twelve to fifteen cups of water
  • One measured dose of kratom leaf for every cup of water
  • Reusable tea bags


  • Use a glass jug with a capacity of one gallon.
  • Add all the water to the glass jug.
  • Fill all the tea bags sufficiently with crushed kratom leaves. Make sure not to overstuff them.  
  • Seal or secure the bags before placing them in the jug containing water and then stir thoroughly.
  • Place the glass jug, sealed, in a sunlit spot for a minimum of sixty minutes and a maximum of five hours. 
  • Ensure that the jug receives plenty of sunlight throughout this duration.
  • Finally, take the teabags out of the jug. 
  • Seal the jug again and refrigerate it until you’re ready to relish the kratom sun tea.
  • While serving, garnish the glasses with lemon slices.


Now you know how easy making kratom tea is. Keeping the tips for preparation in mind will help retain the tea’s botanical benefit. 

So, whether you’re planning to throw a party or simply want to enjoy drinking your own cuppa, try out any of these simple methods of preparing kratom tea.  Wellness guaranteed!