abnormal hair loss treatment

Can you find the reasons for the abnormal hair loss treatment?

Hair loss is a serious issue for both males and females. It gives less attraction and older appearance at a young age. Such patients are not liking to attend family functions and public meetings. And also it gives a loss of self-control in personal behavior. Hair fall may affect the overall activities in the social environment. Some people never express their feelings and open their minds. These complex problems are solving by the hair transplant in Punjab state. All over Indian people are eager to attend the hair transplant sessions in the Punjab clinics. Doctors help them to reduce their worst feelings. People can able to recover their original look within a few months. Special therapy is carried out by experts to maintain hormonal balance in your body.

What are the causes of male hair loss?

The genetic disorder is a main reason of hair loss for male. But it is hard to identify the reason of female hair loss. Because there are many unknown reasons for a female to lose their long hair. Fungal infection and the formation of Demodex folliculorum reduce the thickness of hair. It leads to the formation of thin hair for males. This is formed in the scalp area of the head portion. Doctors prescribe sufficient procedures to reduce the growth of this microscopic mite. Various medications for diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, and blood pressure will reduce hair growth. Some steroids used for curing some infections may cause hair loss. The rough brushing, heat styling, and rough scalp massage with excessive force damage the outer area of hair. The volume of hair decreases and weakens the hair strength. Especially, radiotherapy applies radiation to the head portion which causes baldness in a short time.

Do you know hair loss occurs after giving birth?

Women can lose their hair after giving birth to a child. During Pregnancy, the Oestrogen level is higher in the women’s body. After giving birth, the Oestrogen level willbe dropped and hair loss will occur. But, there is no treatment for this hair fall. Because it is natural for all women and no therapy is required. The hair will grow in a few months. Most of the women suffer from temporary hair loss. Due to the less adoption of new environments and locations, the long hair fails to maintain its healthy condition. The unhealthy food from unhealthy surroundings may inject unwanted chemicals and microorganisms in their body. It will reduce the growth of hair cells. The hair count for a normal person is more than one lakh.

Does abnormal hair follicle cycle lead to hair fall?

Normally, our head may tend to lose some quantity of air due to the death of hair cells. It is considered as nature of the human body. But the increasing death rate of hair cells leads to baldness. An average person tends to lose 78 hairs per day. You need to consult a doctor when the loss count reaches 100 per day. Anagen, catagen, Telogen, and exogen are the phases of the hair follicle cycle. The abnormal loss of permanent hairs leads to serious hair fall problem. On identifying this symptom, you must go to the Punjab clinics and consult doctors for hair transplant in Punjab. They can offer different types of diagnoses for patients.