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All You Need to Know About Offset Printing Machine

Printed paper bags have become one of the effective means to promote a brand. There are many techniques used for printing paper bags, but the one that is dominating the industry is Offset Printing. The technique is used to print a range of products like books, magazines, paper bags, stationery, cards, leaflets, and brochures. If you want to learn about the offset printing process and how it works, then stay connected.

What is the Offset Printing Process?

The process is also called offset lithography and carried effectively with the help of an offset printing machine. In this process, the image area, as well as the non-image area, lies on the same plane. That means the area that is required to be printed remains flat. The ink used in the process repels water as backed with a chemical principle. By adding a layer of water on not to be printed areas, you can make the ink transfer to only the areas which are meant for printing. This way, you make the image areas lipophilic and non-printing areas hydrophilic. 

Instead of making use of a water-based dampening system, a few offset litho presses use printing plates with a silicone layer that repulses the ink. These are called waterless offset or dry offset presses.

The ink is transferred on the substrate by following multiple steps. The lithographic printing plate to a rubber blanket that transfers the ink to the substrate. The process is used to print on a variety of surfaces, such as cardboard, paper, plastic, and other materials, but the surfaces must need to be flat.

Benefits of an offset printing machine:

As bag making machine is known for its high-quality production, the same way, an offset printing machine is known for its high-quality printing. One of the best advantages of the machine is that it helps you cut down your labor expenses. Want to know how? The machine, along with printing both sides of the paper simultaneously, also performs steps like cutting and folding the paper. This way, you can eliminate the number of laborers required to perform the same and, thus, lower your overall labor expenses.

Another benefit of using the press is that it can print on a single side and both sides of the web simultaneously. It is designed in a way that it can smoothly adapt to rapid changes made in the size of the sheet being fed. Additionally, multi-color printing can also be done with ease as a press consists of a range of printing modules designed to occupy minimum space and satisfy several needs. It can be used in different print colors and with various pagination options.

The most beneficial benefit of the machine is that it lowers the overall cost of printing. The machine is utilized in printing jobs that require images on both sides of the roll, making it perfect for jobs like printing newspapers and books. The machine can quickly meet large volumes of orders by taking into consideration the quality factor. The machine is an ideal combination of high speeds and possesses the option to print multiple colors on both sides of the web, resulting in the lowest per-copy cost. In addition to this, the machine also processes cutting and folding operations that help businesses to save a few more bucks involved in binding or other offline folding methods.

The press also can print variable data like bar codes, serial numbers, and QR codes on each sheet, irrespective of the position you want them to get printed. All this can be done online with ease. It is of crucial advantage when the end-to-end control of the printed product is becoming quite popular in the current time.

The machine can work at consuming less power, saving you more money on electricity bills. The machines are an ideal solution for businesses that want to print on both sides of a paper by keeping the quality high and intact throughout the entire printing process.

Wrapping up

You can experience the popularity of offset printing by finding that even the introduction of digital printing is not able to match the capability the technique possesses. Offset printing plays a significant role in media advertising with the highest number of pages printed each year. Offset Printing is the best method when it comes to printing and certainly unavoidable.