An inclusive guide for the printing of hair spray boxes

custom hair spray boxes

Hair sprays used for getting your hairs in shape are gaining popularity all around the globe. Nothing can endure the delicacy of these sprays than spray boxes. These boxes are one of their kind and elegantly present the hair sprays on the retail shelves. They also protect the hair sprays from getting damaged while handling or shipping process. Their weight is much lighter, which ensures ease of use while transporting them from one place to the other. You need to design them in such a way that they enhance the perceived value of your products in the consumer market. Here are how you can design them to make your products stand out among all the competitors.

Beautiful artwork:

The artwork is of great importance when it comes to the designing of custom hair spray boxes. This is because it has the potential to attract shoppers from a far distance. While designing the hair spray packages, do not forget to complement the beauty of the cosmetic product inside. You can introduce some elegant graphical illustrations to endure the charm of the beauty product. Also, incorporate some line art and playful patterns that match the persona of the items to make an alluring impact on the viewers. You can employ a professional graphic designer if you want to up your game of designing further. 

Distinct color themes:

The distinct color themes should be preferred for your hair spray packaging design. You must understand the value and mood each color conveys to the shoppers. For this, you need to grasp color psychology. Black or white color, for instance, are sophisticated and timeless colors. Blue is a symbol of relaxation and calmness. Similarly, yellow is associated with energy and optimism. Choose the relevant color themes according to the value your brand wants to promote. If your products are luxury, colors such as gold, silver, or metallic, etc., would be an excellent choice. Think about the values you want to raise or what do you want the customers to feel about your packaging. This helps you in choosing the correct color schemes for your design.

Unique logo:

Perhaps, the most important element of hair spray boxes designing is a unique logo. While designing your logo, focus on the two parameters. Firstly, it should be easily recognizable by customers. Secondly, it should be unique so that you stand out among all the competitors in the industry. A uniquely designed logo will hit two birds with one stone. At first, it will make the presentation of the beauty products more alluring and fascinating. On the other side, it will enhance the perceived value of your brand in the consumer market. While designing a unique logo, you can take inspiration from some famous brands like Oriflame, Avon, and Urban Decay, etc. Just take the inspiration and do not try to copy them since it will hurt your reputation.

Lively patterns:

When printing the custom hair spray boxes, remember to introduce some lively patterns to stand apart from others. A polka dot pattern can be introduced to provide the viewers with a fantasy look. This type of pattern consists of a group of circles of the same size. The chevron, which is an inverted V pattern, is an excellent choice if you want to offer a youthful look to the beauty items. Art Deco pattern works best to provide a vintage feeling to the consumers. So, make sure you understand the psychology behind lively patterns before incorporating them into your box design.


Using correct typography is of immense importance, especially in the packaging design of cosmetic items. It should be remembered that presenting the information is more important than the information itself. The printed details should look eye-catchy and creative—the font style you are choosing in the designing matters a lot. The chosen font style should be able to enhance the display value of the printed details. It should also be easily readable and understandable to make an ever-lasting impression on the minds of the customers. There are plenty of attractive font styles from which you can choose the one which suits you’re the most. For instance, sans-serif, slab-serif, script, handwritten are some of the most common and beautiful font styles.

Pictorial illustrations:

It is rightfully said that a picture is more worthy than a thousand words. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to communicate with your customers verbally or through some other means. The use of effective imagery can prove beneficial for engaging and communicating with the masses. The pictures and cosmetics have a long history of relationship. Print some beautiful images of the cosmetic product on the smoother surfaces of the hair spray packages. This will communicate to the customers about the nature of the item inside without any need for text. Nothing fascinates the customers more than a design with no text and just the pictorial illustrations.

Die-cut window:

Incorporating a die-cut in the hair spray packaging design can enhance the visibility of your cosmetic product in the retail market. The die-cuts introduced on the top or sides of the packaging helps in increasing the shelf impact of the beauty items. When the consumers enter your cosmetic store, the first thing they notice is either you are offering them convenience or not. The induction of die-cuts is synonymous with offering convenience. This is because the customers will not have to touch and open every box to see the cosmetic product inside.

The spray boxes can do wonders for the cosmetic businesses due to their rich-featured nature. They are available in many different styles due to which competition is getting fiercer for making an impact on the consumers. If you wish to be on top of other competitors, the aforementioned tips can prove very beneficial.


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