Astrology Remedies for Career Growth

Astrology Remedies

People often struggle with several problems in life such as health, marriage, career, business, etc. When somebody undergoes any of these problems, he/she becomes annoyed and strives to find solutions to resolve the problems.

Yantra, Tantra, Mantra and gemstone are all employed for remedies. These remedies are the segment of astrology.

For a great career ahead, one can consider many astrology tips and remedies. Some of the best astrology tips are as follows:

1.      Look At Both the Palms after Waking Up In the Morning

Many believe that doing this can bring wealth as Goddess Lakshmi exist in the palms.

2.      Offer boiled rice to crows every Saturday

The planet represented by Crows is Saturn, which governs over career in Astrology. Also, planet Saturn gets calmed while the crow is served.

3.      Offer water having jaggery in a copper container to Sun in the dawn

You must do this within 1 hour of sun-up. Recite the mantra “Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha” eleven times when offering the water to Sun.

4.      Take pierce four cloves and a lemon

When holding both the things in your hands, recite this mantra: Om Shree Hanumate Namah at least 21 times. Once you are done with this, put the lemon inside your pocket or a purse. Take the lemon along with you wherever you go. If you have an interview scheduled, then with this charged lemon, you’ll achieve success in your mission and get a great job.

5.      Be positive and hopeful

Fear and anxiety will not let you move forward in life. On the other hand, if you lack positivity, there are barely any chances of you getting success. Thus, it is better to be positive and hope for the best irrespective of the disruptions, challenges, or disappointments.

Planets and Houses Impacting Career

When it comes to career, the planet that influences it is Saturn. As per the Indian astrologer in USA, Saturn is called the Karma Karaka or Jeevana Karaka. Also, it is the indicator of employment and denotes work, occupation of a person. Since it is considered a malefic planet, it can be a benefic, as well, since it stays auspicious in a horoscopic chart.

The placement of Saturn in a few houses of the horoscope might also show its auspicious position and power. In situations like these, the planet can work to benefit the person in various aspects of life, counting career.

As per astrology, the houses have equal importance to that of the planet. In a natal chart, there are 12 houses representing 12 zodiac signs. The thing that will decide which house denotes which sign of the zodiac for a person is the time of his/her birth.

The tenth house in a horoscopic chart is called Karma Sthan. It can denote profession, job, and career of a person. Besides this, the first, second, and sixth house, too, count when going through one’s career.

According to the Indian astrologer in New York, the house that carries a lot of importance and that can tell a lot about one’s career is the tenth house. Deeply studying and analysing this house can indicate any problems and obstructions that might come up in a career.

The zodiac sign of this house, the planetary position, and its planetary lord will, too, have great significance.

The first house is called “Lagna, ” indicating personality traits, nature, approach, and opinion. Since Lagan is concerned with the “self” so closely, it matters in career problems.

Dhana Sthana is the second house. It is also called the house of wealth, indicating one’s potential to make money with his/her occupation or business. Typically, this house matters in finances. It does not just indicate the income that one makes from the wage or revenues but might even denote the money obtained from selling or borrowings.

Moreover, the heavenly bodies continuously move across the zodiac; their positions can result in Dashas, Doshas, Yogas, etc. Sometimes, these can be auspicious for the natives, bringing ups and downs in the career.

As well, if any planet is related to the eighth, sixth, or twelfth house that is considered favorable, there could be tough times at the time of Dasha of the planet. Likewise, the Bukthi, the Dasha, the sub-period of the planetary lords of the eighth or twelfth house, can, too, lead to interruptions or obstructions in career matters.


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