Avoid Common Visa Errors for Successful PR

Avoid Common Visa Errors for Successful PR

Anyone can live his or her life to the fullest if he makes the proper moves. No matter how intelligent or smart you think you are! You cannot get a visa for your preferred country unless you have patiently and tactfully tackled with all the steps of the procedure.  You need to be really thoughtful about every step when you are trying your visa or PR thing.

So, it is never too late to get a Canada visa from Oman or any other place if you desire to go there. You know applying for Canadian permanent residency could frequently be a daunting task; primarily when you try to understand which sort of documents are require; and try to understand instructions that require to be firmly follow. Even a simple mistake can end up in an application getting return or reject. So, to make sure that you don’t make such stupid or silly mistakes. Following are some common errors that people very often make. Learn from them and keep a gap from these mistakes when you apply for visa.

Inconsistent or Vague Forms

Don’t take Immigration forms in a light manner because they can be quite complex. And it is significant to read all the mentioned instructions on the forms carefully. It is because the same information could be ask in different places. Applicants often miss to fill in all of their info on immigration forms or they cater unpredictable information, like variations in the way a specific name is spelled for example: writing M K Smith on one form and Michel Smith on another one similarly, remember that information need be complete, primely when writing dates.

Not only this, another quite common mistake that people make is link to their signatures. Not signing in the proper location or forgetting to add a signature could end up in the entire application getting return. So, it is better that you check the applications and go through the info mentioned twice or thrice before you submit them. When your application gets rejected. You may have to start it all right from the scratch or the step that too in a fresh manner.

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 Miscalculation of your points

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and several Provincial Nominee Programs work on a points-based system. It is significant for the applicants to fulfil the minimum needed points so as to qualify for that program. To know how many points are going to get awarded for diverse qualifications can be confusing to understand the points system can prove to be quite difficult. And in case an applicant fails to fulfil the minimum required number of points for a program. The application may probably be rejected.

Missing papers or documents

Every single immigration program and visa office owns its own list of needed documents to be catered with an immigration application. Some visa offices even ask for the original documents whereas others ask for notarized copies or even photocopies. Not offering the right format of documents is quite a common mistake many applicants make; and can head to processing delays.


So, keep these points in mind and if possible, take professional assistance of experts like Canada immigration consultants in Oman for the best and mistakes free procedure.