Awesome Social Distancing Gift Ideas During Lock down

The current situation of lock down is very difficult for all of us as we are not able to meet our loved ones. Social distancing has created barriers between you and your dear ones. But this doesn’t stop you from greeting and treating your loved ones with amazing gifts for their special days and festivals. You do not have to worry about anything because we will deliver the gifts without any physical contact. Some of the gifts are digitally delivered, so have a look on some really cool digital gift ideas and try it on your own. Even if you are in isolation your love for your dear one should have no barrier in between, we are trying our best to deliver various kinds of gifts online so that your wishes and greetings reach your loved one. Thus choose from the ample number of gifts we offer online and literally surprise your friends and loved one with gifts and amazing surprises for their special day and for special festivals. We are here with some amazing social distancing gift ideas to bring smile on your near and dear one’s face even during lockdown.

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1. Send E-greeting Card Online :

The best and the safest gift options during this lockdown are e-greetings card online. There are many e-greeting cards available online and you can also add a message in the text box provided. You can also record a short audio clip for the recipient attaches some photographs along with some music to enhance the greeting card. Surprise your unique gift of love to express your heartfelt feelings to your friends and family on special occasions. You can buy some amazing and wonderful gifts from our online gift shop spain for special occasions and festivals are treat your loved ones in Spain and elsewhere.

2. A Video Call :

If nothing is available in your area and no online gift store delivers gifts to your dear one, one simple thing you can do is make a video call to your loved one. Distance is no longer a barrier, the only thing in a video call is you cannot touch the person everything else can be easily communicated. With technology you can see and hear your dear one and we think it is more than enough because you are practicing social distancing. You should anyway maintain social distance with your dear ones and so there’s no better way than a video call to communicate with your loved one.

3. A Sweet Gift Hamper :

A gift hamper is also a great idea as it includes variety of gifts like snacks, chocolates, goodies and many more gifts. These gift hampers are beautifully packed so that it can convey your greetings to your loved ones. A lockdown gift hamper is perfect so that people can use the things in the basket as one is not allowed to go out of the house. One can treat themselves with a sweet gift hamper that contains variety of sweet treats, snacks and other such useful gifts. Make gift basket delivery Spain to your friends and relatives living miles away from you and express your love and affection to them through lovely gifts.

4. Send Flowers :

Flower gifts are best for garden lovers; you can treat your loved one with fresh and gorgeous flowers. Your dear ones will love receiving beautiful and colorful flowers during this lockdown. Order flowers online these gorgeous flowers will bring a wide smile on their face and they will literally appreciate your lovely gesture during tough time like this. You can make anyone’s day better with this type of surprise.

5. Send E-books :

If your friends and loved ones are book lovers you can surprise them with e-books. You definitely cannot send them a physical book at times like these, but you can definitely greet them with e-book of their favorite novel or some book they were longing to buy from a really long time. There are audio books also available online which makes great gift and people nowadays are fond of e-books more instead of physical books.

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6. Send Fruit Basket :

It is very important to maintain good health during the time of pandemic. Some fruits are very beneficial for your body and strengthen your immunity system. You can send fruit basket to your near and dear ones with fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is builds immunity and so you can send a fruit basket to your dear one which contains oranges, kiwis, apples, pineapple, etc. This is a great gift for the health conscious people too as they can binge eat fruits while others are eating snacks and high calorie foods.

We hope you and your loved ones are away in distance because of the lockdown but these awesome social distancing gift ideas keep you closer at hearts.