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The Internet has changed almost all aspects of human life, including how our children seek information and entertainment. On the one hand, they are becoming easy to learn but in practice, they are very sensitive to the various dangers hidden behind it. This is why Internet parental control applications such as the FamiSafe screen time App are so important to many parents in the world.

Before going further, here are common ways to track children’s screen time app:

The control of Internet parents involves a lot of things but one of the most important is to control the screen time or, in other words, the time children spend on their gadget screens.

1. Switch them to other activities

You may be willing to investigate their interests and direct them to activities they are curious about (except twiddling with their cell phones).

2. Set a fairly strict schedule

Ensuring your children stick to a strict daily schedule is the first solution. Give a small ratio, just give them opportunities to access cell phones. The largest proportion is directed towards physical activities such as studying, socializing, playing, sleeping, etc.

3. Give them good examples

When you cannot free yourself from cell phone addiction, how can you control the use of telephone by children?

4. Prohibition of digital access in some areas

You may be able to apply the rule in the dining room, gradually expanding it to other places such as the bedroom.

5. Use a screen time parental control application If you do not want to steal your children’s cell phones and get into conflict then the ultimate solution is to ban them, which is quite emotionally charged when they are allowed to use cellphones with restrictions. This is a solution we will discuss at length in this article.

About FamiSafe

As the name suggests, Famicef, which represents a “protected family”, is one of the parental control applications with the largest number of functions available on the market today. In addition to being able to find, prevent, and protect your children from cyberbullying, there are many other tasks that can make life easier for Sync on a daily basis, one of them being the screen time function. Note, FamiSafe can be a simple screen time app. Best of all, it does not require any technical skills or specific knowledge to be ready to use the tool.

Preset screen time

You can create a schedule related to the use of a daily or weekly application that can be adjusted to a particular place and time, such as school, study time, and bedtime. With this feature, you can improve your children’s sleep quality, rather than leaving them unattainable in their bedroom.

Monitor screen time

This app is very good. You can set a screen deadline by tracking, in detail, how much time your children spend on average every day, week, or month. This way you can know how much time they spend on their cell phones.

Block device

If your children are seriously addicted to cell phones, you can consider blocking their online devices with the Screen Time Parental Control app. FamiSafe provides a feature that allows you to temporarily bind devices. You can loosen the blocks after showing positive progress, meaning they do not possess the symptoms of addiction.

other features:

activity Report. You can also monitor your children’s Internet activity to determine which applications they need to install.

History of the place. This screen time parental control app can support your child’s location by the GPS location of their telephone.

Terrain. If your children enter those areas, this app may allow you to line up specific areas and receive instant alerts.

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