Best Browser Of 2020: Mozilla Firefox

Best Browser Of 2020

From the beginning, Mozilla Firefox is trying its best for giving its users a better, flexible and faster-browsing experience. Firefox Quantum, Firefox Reality all are the efforts of the company. It has also introduced password-free browsing. After 13 years, it came up with a biggest and impressive update which makes it the best browser of 2020.

Mozilla is an open source browser available on all Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Linux. The best thing about the company is that it is not-profit, it doesn’t sell your data to third party sites. It comes up with latest updates for an even faster 7 better experience. 

What’s New?

Firefox Quantum is a good choice for a faster browsing as it works on multi-cores processors which makes it a better browser from others. Still Firefox Browser is Firefox, the browser with a good number of extensions which enhances your browsing experience. The browser also makes your of SSL, HTTPS Protocol for a safe and secure connection. But its not the {Most Secure Web Browser, for that, you should try Tor Browser which allows you to surf anonymously. 

There are several things which makes it the best browser, Mozilla do not make use of your browser history for serving up advertisements. It also has some basic features which mostly comes in every browser, like – a privacy mode, some privacy settings which you can adjust according to your privacy and security needs. 

After the Quantum treatment, it has become more streamlined and quicker. Firefox also has a familiar outlook, but it is not that much great as that of Google Chrome. But if you are searching for the fastest browser, which can provide a faster surfing experience then Mozilla Firefox if for you. Download its latest version now and enjoy fastest surfing. 


There are many alternatives available for you like- Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc. But if you want an overall good experience then Google Chrome is an evergreen browser. The browser is based on open-source chromium project. It is also available in most  of the platforms. Chrome is one of the most used browser of 2020. 

It is one of the fastest browser which gives you a flexible browsing experience. But it stores your browsing history and cache memory as to server up advertisements. You can use incognito mode for a complete privacy.

You can also try Tor Bowser, it’s not that much fast but it is the most secure internet browser. Tor don’t even reveal your IP address to other sites and keeps on encrypting data several times. This browser is basically used by the people who either need to keep their work secret or it can be illegal also, not a big deal. But remember, Tor can’t be your main browser because of its slow speed. You can download Tor Browser with Firefox or with Google Chrome. 

The best browser is that one for you which fulfills your every need, which gives you a faster, secure and a safe surfing. So choose your browser wisely.


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