Kids eating snacks

Best Healthy Snacks for your Kids

It is a nightmare when it comes to feeding healthy meals to your kids. They want to eat anything but healthy foods. Kids often tend to cheat while having meals as they are always in a hurry to finish their meal. This leads to them getting hungry between meals. They are always more interested in having junk food and snacks. Most of the snacks like chips, chocolates, biscuits are extremely unhealthy for kids. They contain refined flour, sugars, and artificial ingredients that are not good for the health of kids. 

Snack time is often an opportunity to include some nutrients into your child’s diet. Instead of unhealthy processed food, you can include some whole foods that will provide your kiddo with the required nutrients and energy. There are some healthy snacks available as well like the Barnum animal crackers, which is quite healthy and exciting for the kids due to its animal shapes. There many more snack options which you go for.

Here are some healthy and delicious snacks options for your kids:

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent snack as it is full of proteins and calcium. Is also contains probiotics that will keep your kid’s stomach healthy and strong. Most of the flavored yogurts available in the market contain high sugar content which is not good for health. Instead, you can buy plain full fat yogurt and add pieces of fruits like banana, strawberry, or mango to make it sweet and more exciting for the kids. You can also add honey to it to make it sweet. You can also make baked yogurt which is very delicious.  

  1. Popcorn

Usually, popcorn is considered as junk food. But actually it is a very nutritious whole grain. Until and unless it is drowned with unhealthy toppings like butter, caramel, or excess salt, popcorn can be really healthy snack. Instead of buying packed popcorns, you can air pop your own corn and add some butter or cheese to it to make it tasty and healthy. You can give this to your kids any time throughout the day and they will just love it.  

  1. Nuts

Nuts are filled with healthy fats, fibers, and antioxidants. They contain a lot of other nutrients as well. Dietary fat is very important for growth in children. Nuts also contain proteins that are vital for your kid’s growth. Kids enjoy eating nuts like almonds, pistachios, hazelnut, peanuts, etc. you can simply give your kids a handful of mixed nuts. It will be a treat for them also providing them with healthy nutrients. 

Dried fruits are a good replacement for candies which are not good for kids. Dried fruits are tasty and very healthy for your kids. You can go for a pack of mixed dried fruits and give a handful to your kids whenever they feel hungry. It is a very healthy snack and kids just love it due to its sweet taste. You can also give your kids Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, it’s gluten-free and naturally flavored which makes it good for your kids. 

  1. Trail mix

Trail mix is a healthy snack for the kids to eat on the go. Most of the trail mix available in the market contain high salt content or chocolate candies which can make it unhealthy for the kids. You can make your own trail mix at home by mixing nuts, dried fruits, and whole-grain cereal. Don’t forget to add raisins or pieces of dates t make it sweet and the kids will love it. 

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeals are known as a healthy breakfast, but it can be a healthy snack too. Oatmeal is filled with soluble fiber which is very beneficial for digestive health. You can do make a lot of different things with oatmeals like cookies, Nutri bars, biscuits, etc. you can prepare it with milk or water. Whatever you make out of it, it is going to be extremely healthy and exciting to eat. Instead of buying the flavored packets available in the market, you can also make your own oatmeal. 

  1. Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious and can be an excellent snack for kids. Eggs are packed with nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. You can simply give your kids boiled eggs with a dash of salt and pepper. You can also make more delicious varients of eggs. You can also make tasty pancakes or french toast with eggs that your kids will love to eat. You can give this to your kids anytime throughout the day and is the best way to fill up your kids with all the healthy nutrients. 

  1. Whole-grain crackers

Whole-grain crackers is a quite healthy snack. Tour kids will get all the required nutrients from the whole grains. Kids usually don’t eat whole-grain bread, hence this is the best way to feed them. You can combine this with cheese to make it more delicious. Barnum animal crackers are one of the favorite crackers of kids. Each cracker is shaped like an animal which makes it very exciting for the kids. 

  1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the easiest way to feed your kids with healthy vegetables which otherwise you kids will never eat. All you need is whole wheat bread, some vegetable, and cheese. You can make it more delicious by adding more sauces. You can keep changing the fillings so that your kids don’t get bored with it. You can also add eggs or chicken to make it more nutritious. You can also keep experimenting with different types of bread. 

  1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a rich source of protein, vitamin b12, and calcium. It is soft and creamy, kids just love to eat it. You can use it as a spread for toasted whole wheat bread or you can simply serve it with some dried fruits. The nutrients that it provides are great for your kid’s growth and development. You can also include in while making a sandwich or roll.