Some of the most difficult situations that you may come across frequently include leaky cistern, stoppage of the jet spray, or choking drain. If these problems arise during odd hours, then they can become even more complicated.

Due to this particular reason, many of the users consider searching for plumbing services online. In this case, the on-demand plumber app is considered to be very much useful as it contributes to having several important benefits.

In case, you are a plumbing business that is looking for scalability and success, then you should necessarily opt for the plumber service app development. This will help you to come up with a useful app that helps to effectively address your unique needs.

Whether you are an independent plumber or are involved in a plumbing service business, you should always focus on opting for a plumber service app for increasing the scalability of your business.

There are several important advantages of using this professional plumber app such as it contributes to offer the best solutions for businesses of all sizes. Not only that, but this particular app contributes to providing more reach to your business.

In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know some of the most important features of the plumbing service application development:

Important Features To Know About

An on-demand plumber app works similarly to the uber app. With the help of this particular app, you can effectively Boost your Plumbing Business. Again, this on-demand plumber app solution involves an admin panel, a plumber app, and a customer app.

Main Features Of  Plumbers App For Customers

In this case, the customer app is also known as the client-side app which the customers focus on using for searching for the availability of plumbers in your local area.

Not only that, but this particular app helps to review services, track plumbers, and hire them. Some of the most important features which should be integrated into this particular app includes:

  • Login/Sign Up

Customers need to register with their contact number and email id in this particular app. They also get the option to login in with their social media accounts such as Facebook.

  • Booking Or Scheduling Plumber

With the help of this particular app, the users get the opportunity to book appointments with the plumbers. Other than that, they can also schedule the appointments at a later date and time.

  • Notification Alerts

If you have hired a plumber, then you will get all the necessary details or notifications through SMS or email on this particular on-demand plumbers app. This feature usually comes with the inbuilt configuration of SMS and email in an app.

  • In-App Call Or Chat

With the help of this feature, both the plumber and customers can easily communicate through call or chat.

  • Price Estimation

With the help of this particular feature, the customers can estimate the price at the time of hiring them.

  • View The Profile Of Plumber

The customers can view specific plumber details such as name, years of experience, contact number, specialties, visiting charges, etc.

  • Real-Time Tracking

This feature allows the customers to track hired plumbers. But, this is applicable only after the plumbers accept service requests with the help of an integrated in-app map.

  • Rate And Review

Customers also get the opportunity to rate their overall experience along with providing feedback to the plumbers for enhancing their services.

  • View History

With the help of this particular feature, the customers can view the plumbing services which were previously availed by them with specific plumber details, cost, time, date, etc.

Main Features Of Plumbers App For Plumbers

The plumber’s app for plumbers is considered to be an effective tool for connecting with customers in real-time.

This particular app is proved to be very helpful for the plumbers so that they can expand their business. Below are mentioned some of the most important features that should be essentially present in this particular app:

  • Signup And Creation Of New Profile

Plumbers need to register into this app with the help of their contact details and email. After that, they should focus on adding important information such as a profile picture, specialties, address, and a lot more.

  • In-App Navigation

Whenever the plumber accepts any service request, they will be able to see the customer’s location with navigation guidance.

  • Help And Support

With the help of this particular feature, the plumbers can establish a connection with a professional support team. They will help you to understand and integrate completely new features.

  • Check Payments

The plumbers can check all the payments coming to their account after the completion of service requests.

  • Check Availability

This particular app allows the plumbers can mark their availability so that the customers can see the same while making appointments.

  • Accept Or Reject Request

The professionals also get the opportunity to accept or reject requests with this app.

Main Features Of Admin Panel

This is the main dashboard for the plumbers which is managed by the app owner. Below are mentioned some of the main features of the admin panel to know about:

  • Manage Bookings

The owner of the particular app can properly manage the booking with the help of the admin dashboard. So, this matches the customers with the plumbers who are available in the locality.

  • Manage Notifications

This feature allows them to get important notifications on the promotional offers, service requests, payment confirmation, booking confirmation, and a lot more via. SMS and email.

  • Manage Customers Or Plumbers

With the help of this particular feature, the app owners can manage commissions, payments, customer bookings, plumber’s availability, etc.

  • Track Plumbers

With the help of the admin panel, specifically, the app owners can track expert plumbing service providers for post-service requests.

Final Words Therefore, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the most important features of the plumbing service app development or On-Demand Plumber App which you need to know about.


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