jeta castagnola polo gloves

Gloves exist many, they are an article with history that has been used for centuries and with purposes as varied as interesting. It is normal that as the years go by, new uses, designs and materials adhere to a garment that has endured and will continue in force for many more.

It is not surprising that in polo it is necessary and useful to protect the hands by using appropriate gloves that not only take care of the hands, but also provide extra benefits while polo is being played; for example, increasing the resistance to keep the mallet steady at all times, preventing the mallet from sliding due to sweating, minimizing the friction of the hand with the horse’s reins, among other benefits.

Now, it is necessary to have quality polo gloves that offer the aforementioned attributes, but without losing those that we naturally have in touch. There is no greater discomfort than losing the real feeling of the hand or generating excessive sweating as a result of the high temperature inside the gloves, that is why the materials in which the polo gloves are manufactured must be breathable, comfortable and with a perfect fit.

Krono Polo Gloves are known as a second skin, since, when playing, the movements will be so fluid that you will not feel that you are wearing something and, on the contrary, you will enjoy what is really important: playing.

A key factor when selecting your polo gloves is that they are easy to wash, since their duration and the conservation of the properties that the polo glove brings with it will depend on this, in the case of Krono Polo gloves, the Care can be ideally after each practice washing them by hand or in the washing machine, always using cold water.

We can say that there may be many excellent quality gloves, perhaps it is true, but it is important to ask ourselves, how many polo gloves are durable and maintain their qualities over time? At that point, I think we coincide in knowing that we are sometimes disappointed in recognized brands, that after several positions and days of play, polo gloves are practically disposable.

This is why, without fear of being wrong, we can say that Krono polo gloves have managed to position themselves as the best, achieving in a short time what other brands in years have had difficulty. Gloves designed from scratch, with a prudent development time to identify necessary aspects and respond in this way to the needs of the players. Among its differentiators, the double velcro stands out for a better fit and the porous fabric to increase air flow.

Krono polo gloves are the favorite of young stars like Jeta and Barto Castagnola, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of Krono’s excellence in crafting items for the coolest sport of all, polo.


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