Best WordPress Facebook plugins for your WordPress website

Best WordPress Social Media

Connecting with your users is crucial, and Facebook allows you to communicate with your customers quickly, whether you have a huge audience or not. The best Facebook plugin support your social media page and promote content sharing among followers.

Here are some advantages of using WordPress Facebook plugins

  • They’re great to show users you’ve got a Facebook page, and they should follow it.
  • You may need to modify image sizing and alter content on shared posts.
  • Facebook will help to improve your SEO.
  • It can show the content and give people a glimpse of what’s being posted
  • You may need a tiny widget to place a Like button on your screen.
  • Customer service can even be received through Facebook.

Disadvantages of WordPress Facebook plugins

  • Facebook is a third-party service, bear in mind that some plugins may be deactivated suddenly if they break Facebook’s trademarks or copyrights.
  • If Facebook takes too much time to respond to the request from your plugin, Facebook could have server problems that could bring down your site or display errors.

How to add the new Facebook plugin page in WordPress

Here is the complete step by step guide to add a new Facebook plugin-

  • Go to Facebook page.
  • Paste the correct field into your Facebook Page URL. If you are logged in the website this is done automatically.
  • Choose through tabs you want to show up on the widget.
  • Adjust some details like width and screen height.
  • Choose other settings, such as header size, cover photo, and show friends if you want to.
  • Click the Get Code button below.

Facebook then lets you copy and paste two bits of code into your WordPress blog. Take the first one and paste it into your child’s header.php or regular theme script. Locate the tag <body> and then paste the code right after.

The other code snippet can be pasted anywhere you want the module to appear on your website. Feel free to put it in a post or website, or consider including it in a text widget for all sidebars or footers.

The Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

Smash ballon

It Show posts on your website via Facebook. Show multiple Facebook feeds from any public Facebook account, and fully match the site’s look and feel with loads of customization options.

The Smash Balloon plugin helps you to view posts on your Facebook website. This is particularly important for new customers as they may see that you have a lot of social evidence and because of your content they may want to follow you. This is, however, another way to increase the counts of followers.

Features :

  • With a step-by-step instructions and fast buttons to connect your Facebook, the plugin is extremely simple to configure.
  • In one list, show feeds from several Facebook accounts.
  • It supports Facebook tags, and you can go into the custom CSS field to customize the gallery as much as you want.

Nextend Social Login and register

Nextend Social Login allows you to quickly establish a great community. With just one button, visitors can register with their social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Nextend Social Login integrates seamlessly with your current WordPress registration and login form. Current users can connect their social accounts and then simply log in through the linked social networks. You can easily customize which social accounts you want to sign in and which parts of the social login buttons should be shown on the website.


  • All social buttons can be customized, and can be translated.
  • Those who prefer to work with one or the other are given both shortcodes and widgets.
  • You may choose to also type users with their social profiles in their email addresses and usernames.
  • The plugin comes with different icons and keys.

Live Customer Talk with Messenger

Live Chat with Messenger Client Chat is a plugin that links your WordPress site to Live Chat on Facebook. More and more businesses are beginning to support their customers through the Facebook chat module (or other chat plugins). The plugin is created by Zotabox, so you will see the tool called by this name most of the time.


  • Zotabox helps you to respond to Dashboard messages from Facebook Live Chat easily.
  • Messenger mobile app allows you to communicate with customers.
  • The plugin includes a field for modifying the message of welcome when users try to contact you via Facebook.

Did you install the plugin and it slowed down your website? Consult WordPress speed optimization services by professional WordPress experts to speed up your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO does not seem to be a Facebook plugin to some, but it does have some excellent features for optimizing your WordPress Facebook posts. A large part of Yoast’s strategy is to draw more users from organic SEO traffic but also from social networks. It helps in complete optimization of your posts and making sure that when shared on Facebook and on other networks, your content is appealing.


  • You have the choice to upgrade to the SEO add-on from WooCommerce, which connects to your online store and makes it easy to get visitors with Facebook support.
  • Yoast has the ability to automate specific SEO and social networking elements. These include news articles, videos and local pages.
  • Yoast provides top-notch customer support, particularly when it comes to paying clients.
  • It is a full SEO suite, with some extra functionality for items such as insights, identifying the right keywords, and suggesting internal connections.


I hope this article will be beneficial for you to consider the best WordPress Facebook plugin to use for your website. And the above plugins has the tons of features, and can help you to maintain your SEO. A WordPress support agency will help you in installing and updating of WordPress plugins.


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