We desire for having the best relationship and in the hustle of bringing the best out of our relationship, we forget to follow the basics. If you have started faking in your relationship, it’s time to seek help from professionals. The couple therapist can help you talk out the crumbles in your relationship and conclude to the best solutions to bring back harmony.

It’s always great to talk and fix relationship issues on your own but when you reach a compromising stage, it’s time to approach a relationship coach. Going to therapy doesn’t mean that your relationship is in danger of failing, but it is a session that will help you figure out a realistic solution to your inherent issues. It may be time taking, cost-effective but before it gets grave, talk it out with a relationship expert.

Remember, Why You’re Together

When you fall into a relationship, there is always a reason why you like each other. This is the uniqueness you liked the most in your partner that made him/her different from the whole world. It’s always necessary to remind yourself what brought you two together in the first place.

It’s not easy for your partner to steal your heart time and again but you can always make small efforts to keep things fresh. Reminding self and your partner why you fell in love at the first place will give them an opportunity to be the same you loved.

Opposite Personalities Attract Each Other

If you have come to a point where you think your differences are the main reason for all the issues in your relationship, then remember, totally opposite partners make more efforts to build long-lasting relationships. Opposite personalities attract each other for a reason and when they learn to embrace the differences, it becomes their complementary strength to learn something from the partner. Remember you also like your partner with opposite traits because they live the life of your dreams.

It’s Never Just One Person’s Fault

When you encounter problems in your relationship, always try to go into flashback and find were you not at fault even for one per cent? It’s never one person’s fault in a relationship. In the temptation of blaming each other, the problem starts with the interaction that turns into an argument.

If you will keep on bouncing like a pendulum, it will continue and become grave. Rather take the courage and embrace the ability to kill the distance and sort our differences. This is one of the brilliant hacks you can learn in the couple therapy to realize your mistakes.

No Assumptions Please

Most of the relationship fails due to false assumptions. 9 out of 10 assumptions for our partners, like what they are thinking, doing, or planning is wrong. We know this still we keep on assuming with our standpoint or perception for our partner.

Proper communication is the key to kill assumptions and rebuild the relationship on a healthy note. Talk to each other, ask questions but don’t blame or jump to a conclusion blindly. If your assumption was wrong, don’t feel bad, you should be happy that whatever you were assuming was never the case and you are all good now.

Remove Always / Never & Add ‘I’

Whenever you are into an argument, avoid using the words like ‘Always’ or ‘Never’ as even if your partner has done it once, he/she will get into the defence mode and the argument will go wrong. Such words provoke instances of proving someone wrong instead of understanding your viewpoint. This is one of the essential tips you can learn in couple therapy.

When the arguments go wild, we start blaming and pointing finger to each other. If we replace all the ‘You’ with ‘I’ the damage will be lesser. Use ‘I’ statements to talk about your feelings and thoughts about the situation. ‘I’ statements will be heard and agreed more than ‘You’ statements as it will again create a defensive shield and block communication.

Have a Conversation Rather Than Argument

It is better to have a conversation rather than arguing. Eventually, both the situations are better than building assumptions and living with it. Many couples avoid conversation fearing of the never-ending argument, but they should realize that talking can actually sort out things. It’s essential to keep a constant check on your emotions and words while having a conversation or an argument. Try to add respectful words in the conversation and avoid abusive words.


Do the Little Things for Your Love

If you will go to the flashback, you’ll recall what small things made a big difference in your relationship. Those small acts of love, gesture, affection can do the re-engineering and build the bond of love once again in your life. A coffee together, some flowers on the way back home, the ambience at the dining table, hugs and kisses will do the magic again.

If your actions can fulfil your partner’s dreams, there is nothing better than that. The day you will start living for your partner and not yourself, the relation will be much deeper and at the end, both will be happier.

Keep the consistency up, keep loving, and live the life of your dreams!


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