Can a Mattress Cause Back pain? Five Tips to Choose Best Mattress


Sleepis very important for our body to function properly. Good quality sleep will help you have better memory, more focus, less stress, happier days and improved productivity. In 2011, National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey according to which 92% people believe that mattresses play very important role in getting good sleep. Mattresses have evolved so much that they are suitable for every kind of back problems. That is the reason mattress sale has increased so much and many new companiesare opening which deal exclusivelyon mattresses; they also make customised mattresses according to one’s needs. Orthopaedic range has been introduced for people having back or neck problems.

There are more or less 15 types of mattresses. Archaeologists have even discovered mattresses made of rushes and reeds that date back 77,000 years ( but science has come a long way in just the past few years and now innovations allow one to find the perfect product that will work best for one’s specific sleep needs.


Since one only buy a mattress once in a while, it is important to get a good one. The best way is to pay attention to certain tips before buying a new mattress.

  1. Comfortable Padding:

Mattress padding determines the quality of a mattress and is found on the top part of the cushion. Its goal is to relieve pressure between your bone and the surface you sleep on. A perfect padding is the one which reduces pressure especially to the bony areas of the body. The golden rules are that people who sleep on their side require more padding: softer padding, who sleep on their stomach should go for firmer paddings, while those who sleep on their back need padding that are medium firm (

Cotton, latex and wool are commonly used for mattress pads. Cotton ones are usually thinner but are machine washable. Latex and wool pads are mould-resistant which makes them more durable than cotton.

  • Usage of Coils and Springs:

A good mattress should provide back support to avoid back and neck pains. To measure back support, one needs to pay attention to the coils and springs that have been used in a mattress. The energy absorbing coils work as a network to support the body and distribution weight to relieve stress at pressure points. A good mattress contains 1,000 springs and anything below that is considered low quality ( The number beside the product indicates how many springs are inside. The more the springs, the firmer the mattress. So, one should always check the number of springs used in a mattress.

A coil spring mattress uses coils to create tension, but when those springs lose their effectiveness it can lead to pain, slipped discs, neck pain etc. So, one should always be very careful while choosing a mattress. Knowing the right type which suits you is not enough but should always buy mattress from a good company, so that it does not cause any kind of disturbance later on.

There is a constant debate going on whether spring mattresses are better or foam mattresses, one must know which suits him/her better. Both have their own pros and cons. If we talk about durability, foam mattresses are more durable but spring mattresses provide excellent airflow for cooler sleep experience, is more affordable. But one should keep these things aside and should choose the type according to his/her physical condition.

  • Affordability:

One always considers one’s budget before buying a mattress, it is a serious investment in your comfort. At the same time, it can be a serious investment financially. So, pricing is one of the things which we consider before buying a mattress. Most mattresses cost between $600 and $2000. Before buying a mattress, one should always check for regular sales and discounts. This way, you can save a great amount of money.

  • Durability:

Durability is one of the things which needs to be considered before buying a mattress because an optimal mattress will not only pay off in terms of your health, but with better durability, you wouldn’t have to spend on a mattress again for years. The average mattress regardless of firmness or thickness will last for approximately 7-8 years before a replacement is needed. However, a wide range of factors can affect durability, making some much more durable than others. Mattress of a good company always lasts longer than the cheap one. As it is said, “The cheaper buyer gets bad meat”.

  • Check the Warranty:

Before you buy, verify that there is a warranty for the mattress, in case it is defective. Most companies give a warranty of 10 years. It is always good to be a little more careful. By keeping these tips in mind, one will surely get a good mattress.


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