Teenagers Can Design

5 Ways Teenagers Can Design Their Lives Now

If you look around, you might notice how teenagers have changed. As the parent of a Generation Z child, I can attest...
Like a Business

4 Ways to Know If You’re Treating Your Company Like a Hobby or Like...

How are you showing up for your business? One of the most common pitfalls for entrepreneurs is treating their business as more...
Starting a Business

The Complete, 12-Step Guide to Starting a Business

There are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur. You don't necessarily need a college degree, a bunch of money...
mascara woman pretty cute attractive ready morning makeup

5 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs to be Successful in the Indian Fashion Industry

Numerous people dream about becoming an entrepreneur one day, but only a few become worthy enough for the character. India has the...
website building

How to Register a Company in India: A Complete guide

Most of the founders are coders, designers, marketers, and folks from different professions. One critical thing that most founders aren’t the best...

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Kitzbühel in Austria

Winter In Europe: The 15 Best Ski Resorts For The 2020 Season

A three-time champion, the ski resort Alpe d'Huez, located in Grenoble, France, has been voted European Best Ski Resort 2020 by European Best Destinations,...
From Amazon

What You Can Learn About Increasing In-Store Impulsivity From Amazon 4-Star And Toys’R’Us

Given the massive technological disruption pushing shoppers online, how are retailers finding growth in brick-and-mortar? The answer is: triggering...
6 Ways To Handle A Customer You Regret Taking On

6 Ways To Handle A Customer You Regret Taking On

We’ve all been there. You needed the cash or the prestige tied to a new customer—but they weren’t really a good fit...
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