How can I change the location on the Tinder app on the Dr.Fone-virtual location

Tinder app

In this article, I will discuss in detail how to change location on tinder with simple steps. I will also discuss why you need to reposition the tinder and more.

Why modify a Tinder location?

There is a lot of motivation to seem out of your common space. If the purpose of the area becomes boring, you will be very pleased to do what you look a little further from home. Or vice versa, you’re probably going to try to go, and nice to meet new people while you’re on the go. You may be moving soon, and you’d be more interested in getting to know the new scene before you arrive. In case you need to change your space for courage, keep reading. In this article, I will be able to tell you the most effective way of convincing sperm that you will just measure a square in an extremely high place, so you will find matches anywhere in the world.

How to change location on iPhone/ iPad

In a state of affairs, wherever you want to falsify locations on iPhone / iPad and even want to tie people to two places. You will get the much-anticipated help you would like from dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). With this, you are unlikely to pretend to be a location on iOS, however, simulate an event among 2 or more spots. We are inclined to square measures of progress to open the way for you. Before you move, make sure you transfer this location spoofer to iOS and put it on your laptop.

Connect your iPhone / iPad to your device First of all, just connect your iPhone / iPad to your laptop and start with the dr.fone box. From his house you will open the “Virtual location” function.

This will show the Virtual Location interface on the screen. Agree to its terms and click “Start” to get started.

explore for a new space As the map-like interface is displayed on the screen, you will see your current location and many completely different solutions.

Make fun of your location

When you enter a new location, a pin will be connected to it. By now you would be ready to change the pin as well as the faucet on the “move now” button to change your location. This is it! Your location will now be changed on the widget and will also appear in the dr.fone interface.

To check this, you’ll also open the GPS app (Maps or Google Maps) on your iPhone and look at your location.


This article gives you important information about GPS-obsessed spoofing strategies. We highly recommend that you just use this highlighter to have fun and get a valuable reason. Here you were seen about the place of pretending to be brave, without paying a penny. Try not to use this feature to open money, as it is a crime under the law. Learn and look at our ways to pretend a location with this specific guide. Keep an eye on this area, as you will definitely receive additional identical ones from time to time.


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