Chelavara falls – One of the Best Attractions in Madikeri, India


Chelevara falls are formed by a tributary of river Kaveri that flows near the highway of Virajpet-Tala Kavery in Karnataka. If you want to explore the best places in Coorg, this falls is a must-visit tourist spot for its wonderful scenic beauty. At the same time, tourist is also warned to be careful while visiting the falls as it has a depth of approximately 150feet making the pooling water an accident-prone area. And the other specialty of the falls is there is no entry fee.  

Why so beloved?

Despite the restrictions, people love to visit the falls along with their friends & families or to enjoy a picnic. It’s a wonderful combination of nature & pleasant weather. Some are found hiking up to Chelavara waterfalls for enjoying photoshoots or selfie session. 

Many people gather during the monsoon season to relish the surprising falls in its, full covered by tortoise-shaped rocks found near the waterfalls also draw the attention of the tourists adding glory to this place. 

Blessings from God

Local temples like Karada Bhagavathi Temple & Kekmani Bhadrakali Temple, as well as the Kabbe Hills, also attract the people to gather here & explore the mesmerizing beauty of the falls. You can stay the Coorg summer palace & winter palace around the falls. The fall is also known as ‘tortoise rock’ in the local languages. 

Precautions of the Chelevara falls-

Though this waterfall is very much famous for its adventurous beauty and musical sounds of waters breaking through the rocks and nature path, it is highly risky for the tourists who want to have swum there. Due to the recent accidents happened around its pool, authorities have banned the entry of tourists interested in swimming like activities. To prevent any other misshapes this was a requirement to close the swimming. 

How to reach the Chelevara falls-

As to arrive at the main point, you have to work down the rough & zigzag path in the middle of the forest; hiking is the first thing you have to do. 10 to 15 minutes is the average time to reach the spot.

 It is a source of fresh air with the chirping birds around, so you can relax & enjoy the essence of natural beauty. You can go to writing travelogues while visiting the falls. Despite the mountains & greenery everywhere, this place carries many controversies as well. 

Things to do at Chelevara Falls- 

While roaming on the Chelavara Falls, you can also visit the nearby temples to gather information on Kannada culture. These temples will provide peace & serenity in your mind. You may be forced to stay a few days more as the greenery surround by this place is really breath-taking. I am sure definitely you will enjoy this trip.

You can also visit the UK point, located at around 4-5 minutes drive or 15 minutes walk away from falls location. This point is enriched with its plush moors & a large expanse of nature unraveling.

Conclusion of Chelevara water Falls

You can also go for a wildlife safari at Kablee hills, almost an expansion of the UK point itself. You are suggested to reach the falls by 2 P.M to avoid the crowd for the safaris as they start from around 3 P.M. The whole safari will take almost 2 to 5 hours. Camping can also be made here if you long for trying a life in peace in the greenery of Coorg District. I hope you are enjoying this article, keep traveling, and enjoy each and every moment.



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