For many years, the media industry thrived by relying on traditional methods of playout delivery over a range of TV networks. The pattern has been continuing since traditional playout delivery is extremely capital intensive with the hopes that the feed is not terminated or lost. But what if the content is lost in the event of a natural disaster or man-made disaster?

Traditional distribution systems are designed to deliver media content seamlessly over channels or to distributors with the backup solution based on expensive on-premise infrastructure. Amagi, an award-winning cloud-based channel playout platform, has leveraged the importance of cloud based disaster recovery for broadcasting for seamless workflow. This also presents itself as a viable necessity for broadcasters as it can save the loss of revenue in the face of disasters.

Why are disaster recovery solutions essential?

Traditional broadcasters depend on physical infrastructure, where the primary feed playout environment with a local, physical presence is necessary for playout delivery of linear channels. However, this does not ensure that the infrastructure for playout delivery will be safe and secure in the event of disasters or unforeseen geographical consequences.

To overcome the challenge of channel blackouts during disasters or major technical issues, Amagi introduced its virtualized cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions for broadcasters. This DR for broadcasting comes with the possibility of managing large chunks of data virtually in the cloud and accessing it remotely from anywhere. It also ensures the presence of rescue playout in case of any damage to physical infrastructure.

How does Disaster Recovery solutions work?

For large media companies, content distribution is their lifeline and that is what keeps them above the water. Disaster recovery solutions for broadcasters provide the complete remote management of data remotely from anywhere. A cost-effective approach in its own, cloud disaster recovery offers its users complete flexibility over controlling content playout widely across channels.

Another factor to consider is the affordability of cloud disaster recovery solutions. When the concept of cloud storage came into existence, it ensured users of vast storage space with no capital expenses. And that is analogous to affordable pricing of cloud-based solutions — Pay for what you own and scale as per your requirements.

Amagi diversified its disaster recovery solutions catering to the needs of small and large broadcasters.

Benefits of Cloud disaster recovery solutions

With the replacement of physical data centres by large cloud spaces, media content recovery is promisingly easy.

  • Flexibility

For broadcasting companies, handling media content distribution during disasters involves controlling and managing broadcast workflow with the presence of technical support. With cloud recovery solutions, unrestricted remote access to media content is possible. This flexible approach is irrespective of geography or the transmission path of the content feed. Users can broadcast their backup data virtually from anywhere.

  • Affordability

As mentioned earlier, cloud disaster recovery solutions are extremely affordable, as they carry zero upfront costs or capital expenditure. Their rates are dependent based on usage and primarily a service fee for availing storage space on cloud (PaaS pricing).

  • Security

Whenever recovery or backups happen, there are high chances of data transmission paths being manipulated. This calls for a separate path for secure data transmission such that broadcast data is received separately and sent for storage and management separately.

Amagi continues to have a leading-edge over media technology services for its top-notch cloud broadcast technology services. With cloud-based solutions creating disruption and opportunity for conventional data security services, Amagi is determined to be a game-changer with its reliable and scalable disaster recovery solutions for media conglomerates.


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