We are now open to accepting guest posts from users. Read the below guidelines before you fill up the form.

Your submitted blog should be about

  • Corporate Law
  • Business Compliance
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Contracts and Legal Documentation
  • GST and other related Taxes in India
  • Industry-Specific (niche) Laws
  • Tax Saving Tips for Individuals and Business
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Startup

Kindly check our existing blogpost content to make sure you don’t submit something in similar lines.

Blog Submission Guidelines

  • The name of the Doc file should be formed as: “For”_“title of the blog”
  • There should be one title image not subject to copyright. If not sure, kindly give source credits

The article should have the following information in the ‘header’

  • Title: (55 – 60 char)
  • Meta Description: (less than 156 Char)
  • Used Key Words: Can only be two for one article

Checklist before sending the article

  • The formatting of the draft shall be made carefully, with appropriate formatting to heading, Sub-heading, etc.
  • The whole document shall be in “Justified” format (CTRL +J), except required.
  • Mention the author bio at the end of an article. Share writer’s headshot separately in .jpeg.
  • For image(s) used, do write a short description (image text) about it below the image.
  • The submitted content should be in an impeccable English. We strictly recommend to run your content through grammar tools and check manually before sending it.