While we often make plans to keep ourselves physically healthy, many things could hinder us from going to the gym or even on a run.

For one, exercising can be a bother if you have a busy schedule. The thought of having other people around who are more fit and experienced at doing workouts may also be daunting.

However, this shouldn’t keep you from your goal to become healthy or fit in 2021. After all, health and fitness is your personal journey. When, where, and how you do it should be entirely up to you.

To make you more comfortable with doing workouts, consider setting up your own, humble home gym beginning with these few essential fitness items below.


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Tiled floors make it difficult to move as you should for a workout, so a mat is the first thing you should have for your home gym. In particular, a jump mat prevents you from slipping while doing various kinds of workouts.

At the same time, this simple item can help set the mood for your workout, conditioning your brain that a certain space in your home is for exercise, thus encouraging you to get moving.

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If you’re planning to do a low-intensity workout, you can also opt for a yoga mat instead, although a jump mat can easily double as one. According to the experts at Rheumatologist Singapore, yoga can significantly help alleviate joint pain as it does a great job in improving your flexibility.

Resistance band

Resistance band
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A resistance band is a small, inexpensive item you can easily incorporate in your workouts. You can also take this item easily on trips so you won’t miss a day of exercise wherever you go.

Unassuming as it looks, it allows you to do different kinds of training exercises at home without heavy equipment.

It can be used as a substitute for weights, which can help you tone your muscles and increase your strength. Because it is made of rubber, it can also improve one’s flexibility and range of motion.

Jump rope

Jump rope
Source: Erica Steeves via Unsplash

For an easy cardio workout you can do at home, a good jump rope should be among your top home gym must-buy items.

Like many cardio exercises, skipping rope helps you burn fat. It also tones your muscles, particularly in your forearm and lower body, helping you achieve a leaner appearance.

Not only is skipping rope a great exercise for weight loss. It also does a fantastic job at keeping your heart and lungs healthy, say the pros at Livingstone Cardiology. Skipping rope regularly helps you gain more endurance to do daily activities, allowing you to tire less easily.

Exercise ball

Exercise ball
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You shouldn’t overlook your back and spine health when doing home workouts. To bring focus to these areas of the body, you should definitely get yourself an exercise ball.

Doing a variety of exercise ball workouts increases back muscle strength and improves lower back mobility. It also helps you develop proper posture. Altogether, these benefits keep away back pain that is common in working adults.


Source: Sergio Pedemonte via Unsplash

Dumbbells are versatile exercise equipment that engage various parts of the body.

They have many benefits, including strengthening the muscles and enhancing lean mass. Dumbbells also help improve bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

As heavier dumbbells could be very costly, you can start with a set of three lighter (and cheaper) dumbbells. To make up for the lack of weight, you can simply do more reps instead, Weight Watchers suggests.

Workout bench

Workout bench
Source: Katerina Jerabkova via Unsplash

If you wish to take your weight training up a notch, consider getting yourself a workout bench.

It provides you with ample support as you lift weights, making the exercise easier and less straining. Proper posture during weight training also gives you the full effect of your workout.

A workout bench can also help you do crunches, dips, leg lowers, and more exercises, which allows you to tone and strengthen various parts of your body.

These are only some of the items you can purchase for your personal gym. With your own exercise equipment in the comfort of your home, there should no longer be any excuse not to achieve your fitness goals.

If you wish to save more on your home gym, you can also opt to buy used equipment, particularly dumbbells, kettlebells, and workout benches. This saves you more money and puts other people’s trash to good use at the same time.


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