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Crucial Factors To Focus While Building Uber For Dog Walkers App

People have limitless love and affection for their pets. There are numerous dog lovers present across the globe. Maintaining dogs is a complicated and time-consuming task. They require regular walks and grooming. Though people are interested in keeping pets, they are finding it challenging to allocate time to take care of their dogs; this is where the Uber for dog walkers come for pet owners’ aid. The app hosts several services such as dog boarding, grooming, and walking, and users can choose the services that match their requirements. People across the globe are satisfied with the dog walking services. The professional dog walking industry turned to a $900 million industry. 

Pet owners are very picky; they expect the best-in-class service for their dogs. These are some of the attributes that they look for in a dog walking app:

  • Vetted dog trainers/dog walkers
  • Complete dog monitoring
  • Detailed pup report at the end of each session
  • Communication channels to connect with session handlers at any time

Well, the list goes on. Basically, the app must be filled with the necessary features to offer the customers a wholesome experience. The market for the on-demand service sector is flourishing, and also there aren’t many global competitors for dog walking apps. So, build a fantastic app and gain substantial business growth. This blog will be enlightening for the developers and entrepreneurs because it focuses on the attributes of building a dog walker app according to market standards.

How does Uber for dog walker work?

Customers do not like to spend more time booking a professional dog walker. Hence, the workflow for Uber for dog walker must be simple and effective. Here is an example of a simple workflow:

  • Customers who register for the app must enter the relevant details or directly login using social media handles.
  • Select the appropriate services via manual navigation, or use the advance search & filter for quick navigation. 
  • Upon selecting the service, customers can select a professional dog walker based on their skillsets and the user reviews. 
  • The respective dog walkers will receive real-time requests in their app, and they confirm it based on their availability.
  • Once the service is done, they can pay for it using a digital payment gateway or in-app wallet options.

Effectual features of the Dog walker app

The main attribute that determines the success of the dog walking app is its amazing features. Here are some of the sought-after features in an app like Wag:

Track your dog walk: Pet owners are extremely concerned about the well-being of their dogs. Though they leave them in the hands of reliable professionals, they are still strangers to them. In order to gain a customer’s trust, the app must include the necessary safety features. Using the track your dog feature, they can know their dog’s current whereabouts via real-time tracking feature. In addition to these, regular pictures and pee & poo updates will be an added benefit for customers using the app.

Share your option: Customers should be provided the option to review the dog walker after service completion. They could add comments and provide rewarding batches such as punctual, efficient, dog lover, best dog walker, etc. Genuine reviews will make more customers prefer the app.

Image update: Once the service completion, the customer will receive an image of the dog along with the dog walker. This instills ease among dog owners. They will also receive detailed reports on the diet, map of the walking path traveled, etc.

Informative notes: Dog walkers are not entirely familiar with all customer’s needs. Add informative notes, which may include behavioral remarks, dietary requirements, and so on, in order to enhance the dogs’ experience during the session. 

Booking options: The standard options to book in-app like Wag  has made customers appreciate it even more. For each booking, they have given the option for immediate booking and scheduled booking as per their needs at the moment they can make a choice. 

Dog walker selection filter: Customers can use this filter and match the service provider based on the criteria they wish to filter them. This filter will help them narrow down the results as per their requirements. 

Professional advice: Dog walkers are trained executives; so they can offer general tips on dog maintenance, grooming techniques, dietary requirements in the forum. It would be even better if it was like a discussion forum, where both customers and professionals executives could share their opinions.

General requirements of on-demand dog walking app 

These are some of the requirements that enhance the chances of survival of an on-demand dog walking app.

In-app messaging platform: The should have an all-time accessible chat support system for customers to reach the app owners and professional walkers.

Personnel device support: The app must be supported by multiple personnel devices such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones to make their choice of device as per their preferences. The main aspect is that the app must be updated as per the latest changes.

Summing up

After witnessing the success of Wag and Rover, it is obvious that the reception people have for dog walking apps is tremendous. According to IBIS World, the dog walking app’s demand has reached $1billion from the last five years. By partnering with the best app development company for dog walking app development, offer your targeted audience the best app experience.