Curtains vs Blinds – What’s Best For Your House?

Curtains vs Blinds

Some rooms need blinds while some only need curtains. There are some rooms that need both, blinds as well as curtains. It all depends on the location and design of the room. Windows are a very important part of any home with a variety of functions. Whether it is the proper lighting, sunshine, or a city view, it all starts with a window.

In any room, the location of your window decides the rest of the furniture setting. But the question is whether you need a window treatment or not? What should you get, blinds or curtains?

The value of windows is enormous, both practically and aesthetically. They not only decorate the area, but they also let in natural sunlight and breezes, allowing you to see outside from inside, and then you will eventually feel the need to cover them when the desire for lighting and privacy, insulate, smart grids, and voa arise. 

Window treatments not only provide a practical role for your home, but they also add value by transforming a basic doorway into something a little more fascinating. You can only have absolute control over the windows without messing up the structure of your home by adding a suitable window treatment.

Here are some known facts that will help you understand why blinds are better than the curtains.

Blinds are generally less expensive.

Blinds are less expensive as compared to curtains as they take less material to make and less time to install. A professional can install your blinds properly with all attached mechanics in less than 30 minutes and it will only cost you $50 to $100 per window.

It also depends on the material of the blinds. Usually plastic blinds are less expensive as compared to wood and vinyl blinds. 

Curtains on the other hand are made with more material and it also takes more time to install them. A pro can install your curtains in at least 1 hour or more for each window. Silk and linen curtains are more expensive as compared to the curtains made up of cotton.

Light can be controlled with more options with blinds

The slats on the blinds can be moved vertically as well as horizontally giving you more light control over your window. When curtains are open, all light brights up the place and when they are closed, they virtually block all the light.

Blinds are easier to clean and long-lasting

Blinds, because of their solid material surface, are very easy to dust off. You can just close the salts and clean them using a microfiber cloth from top to bottom. Blinds are also stain and color resistant because they are made up of synthetic materia. 

This makes them easier to clean and long-lasting. Whereas for curtains, you have to wash them to clean them properly and they usually do not last more than seven years.

No matter what the reason is, window treatment is essential for every room. They add value to your room and beautify the whole architect of the house. For better advice on whether you should get curtains or blinds, you must seek help from an experienced interior designer.


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