Elegant Custom Boxes:

Custom boxes are elegant boxes that are shaped like a pillow. They have tuck closure on both right and left sides for easy opening and closing. Pillow boxes are used for packing various products as such jewelry, soaps, cosmetics products, perfumes, etc. Sleeve boxes are boxes that carry sleeves in it just like a tray or a drawer. Sleeve boxes are available in custom shapes, sizes, designs, etc. and with as many additional sleeves as are required for the product. Instead of putting the product directly in the box, the sleeve is first places in the sleeve and then placed in the box which will give splendor appeal to products. Both pillow boxes and sleeve boxes allow you to customize every inch of the box to take your customer’s breath away.   

Let’s see what best features these boxes have.

Attractiveness Packaging:

The pillow and sleeve boxes are eye-catching for the customers. Products packed in pillow and sleeve boxes are normally placed in the front of the shelves because of their attractiveness and elegance. The pillow boxes and the sleeve boxes if, well designed, can do a better job than the salesman to increase your sales and profits. These are the qualities that cannot be found in any other type of boxes. That is the reason manufacturers all over the world are turning towards pillow and sleeve boxes for their products. Pillow and sleeve boxes are already widely used in the cosmetics industry than any other type of boxes.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the most important features of pillow boxes and sleeve boxes that make them unique from other boxes. Pillow boxes and sleeve boxes are cost-effective in the sense that they can be made from cheap material like Kraft or cardboard. The pillow boxes are easy to assemble because they have tuck closure on right and left side. The sleeve boxes are even simpler to configure. Simply put the product in the tray or sleeve and slide the tray or sleeve inside the box. You do not need to hire an expert to pack your product thus making the packaging less costly. One of the main objectives of a profit-oriented company is to reduce cost which can easily be done using either pillow boxes or sleeve boxes. Both these boxes can be made with eco-friendly material which leaves a positive impression on the customer mind and your brand will be perceived as a socio responsible brand.

Strength and durability 

Both pillow boxes and the sleeve boxes provide you with the strength and durability that you require for your product. Pillow and sleeve boxes can be used to pack products while shipping to your customers because they both keep your product safe and undamaged during the whole shipping process. Imagine how your customer would feel if he or she receives damaged product, therefore, to reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction you can use pillow boxes or sleeve boxes. These boxes are perfect for most fragile items as the material of packaging boxes can be chosen on the basis of products’ nature and need.

Personal use

One of the unique features of pillow boxes and sleeve boxes is that your customer can re-use them or can put them into their personal use. Pillow boxes and sleeve boxes can be used as gift encasements because of their unique beauty and style. These boxes can be used for storing small household and beauty items. Pillow boxes and sleeve boxes do not even need wrapping because of their beauty.


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