Degree in Hotel Management in Delhi – An Overview

An MBA in Hotel and Restaurant Management will surely open new doors for you and your career. This degree is one of the most sought after management course for professionals who are looking to advance in their respective fields. If you are still a student, you can also go for an online bachelor’s degree if you do not want to take additional years of coursework. Hotel and Restaurant Management have always been a popular degree with an MBA, as this industry caters to both the leisure and business needs of people.

The hotel industry in India is huge and always has room for a manager. There are many jobs available with hotels here and abroad. Some of the most common destinations for business trips include China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. If you are planning to expand your career with a job in the hotel industry, then you will have to study hotel economics, marketing, finance and accounting. You can also study international business, management and operation of tourism facilities.

There are plenty of job opportunities in hotel management in Delhi. Your salary largely depends on your educational qualification. Few of the top management companies in India have their head offices in Delhi. Most of the best hotels in India also have a head office in Delhi. If you have a degree in hotel management or you are aspiring to get one, then you should consider Delhi as your destination. This is because there are plenty of good courses in this city.

You can find employment with big hotels like Hilton, Intercontinental, ITC etc. Even smaller hotels and restaurants can also afford to hire quality managers. These positions pay good salaries with good benefits.

You can either work independently or you can apply for a job with chains of hotels. Hotel chains have their own set of managers and you can either start off as a clerk or manager yourself. In addition to this, there are numerous vacancies available with tourist attractions as well. Many tourists also prefer to stay in hotels that are managed by hotel industry professionals. If you have your mind set on a specific sector, then you can opt for hotel manager training courses. These training programs will help you acquire the necessary skills that are required for managing hotels.

The hotel industry in Delhi is highly diversified. It not only employs management people but also cooks, keeps rooms clean and do other related jobs. Most of the students who opt for a degree in hotel management in Delhi also have good knowledge of international hospitality and tourism. Students can opt to specialize in any of the areas like restaurant management, hotel management, catering and beverage management.

Most of the students opting for a management degree also opt for an MBA in hotel administration. This is because a lot of practical experience comes with the degree and it gives you an opportunity to work in different hotels around the world. You may also choose to pursue specialization like room service manager or housekeeping. Depending on your future plans, you can even go on to obtain certifications in these areas.

When you look at the various job opportunities that are available with a management degree, Delhi has emerged as a great option for you. There are many companies from all across the country that are looking for managers and hotel owners. With your MBA in hand, you can give a lot of hope to students looking to pursue higher education in this field. Graduates with a management degree will be in a good position with their employers and can soon be earning high salaries.