Devilbiss 10

Devilbiss 10 is a high-flow home-stationary sturdy, and high-quality oxygen concentrator ideal for patients who have varying oxygen needs. 

In this article, we will walk you through the details of the Devilbiss 10 oxygen concentrator to guide you through its specifications & features that make it make it one of the most reliable and safe oxygen concentrators in the global market.   

With a weight of 19 kg, Devilbiss 10 is one of the smallest and most compact oxygen concentrators in the 10 LPM range. This high-volume concentrator is an established name in the global market and offers ease of use as well as convenient transportation around the house. Devilbiss 10 is capable of delivering up to 96% of oxygen purity at a flow rate of 2-10 LPM. The concentrator consumes an average power of 639 watts, making it an energy-efficient concentrator in its range. 

The machine emits sound at 67 decibels, making it a not-so-quiet concentrator in the 10 LPM range. This feature is a disadvantage for patients who wish to under quiet and calm oxygen therapy at home. The outlet pressure of Devilbiss 10 LPM is 20 psi, which is higher than any other oxygen concentrator in the high LPM range.

Devilbiss 10 can be operated up to an altitude of 5000 ft, which means that at higher altitudes, the oxygen purity would be compromised. This specification does not allow the concentrator to be used by patients who live in hilly areas or visit the places often.

Devilbiss 10 is equipped with an oxygen sensing device (OSD), to monitor oxygen produced and ensure the safety and reliability of the machine. The feature also increases the concentrator’s reliability and accuracy for longer service intervals. The oxygen concentrator is equipped with accessible patient controls, and bright LEDs on the front panel, that can be easily seen by the user from a distance. The concentrator also comes with a protected cannula fitting and recessed humidifier nook to prevent damage. 

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The device incorporates an alarm system that monitors the state of the device and notifies the user in case of an emergency or abnormal incident. The alarm conditions are displayed on the LED and notify the user of the start-up period, low oxygen concentration and malfunction. Devilbiss 10 is an easily serviceable machine with all its parts accessible during maintenance. The concentrator has an extended life inlet filter that is designed to be used with all the Devilbiss 10 LPM oxygen concentrators and it filters out bacteria as air enters the machine. 

This compact oxygen concentrator has US FDA and CE certifications, making it highly reliable and trustworthy for users. 

Assembled in the USA, Devilbiss 10 oxygen concentrator offers a warranty of three years to its customers in India, with an excellent dealer network, hence giving the concentrator a hassle-free use for a long time. The oxygen concentrator is compatible with cylinder transfill systems.