Did you know that around fifteen in a hundred people in the UK suffer from migraines? Characterized by severe headaches, migraines are usually so bad that they can affect your day-to-day routine. A throbbing pain is experienced by people on usually one side of the head. Migraine is also often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound.

People who spend a lot of time in front of digital screens have noticed a pattern to their headaches. The blue light emitted from digital screens like laptop, mobiles or television can have a multitude of side effects. Can glasses with blue light lenses help prevent migraines? The blue light glasses surely have a lot of benefits and there are chances of them being helpful for migraine too!

How is Blue light and Migraine Connected?

Blue light is a wavelength of the visible spectrum of light. While not harmful in itself, constant overexposure to it can have repercussions. Not only do we get exposed to it during the daytime through sunlight, but also through digital screens. Excessive blue light exposure can tamper with our sleep cycles and eye-health.

The primary benefit of blue light is to keep us attentive. If the blue light is received by people more than necessary then this advantage can turn into a disadvantage. People start developing digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome due to this. Symptoms of these include dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain. There might not be permanent damage but having such symptoms regularly can be troublesome.

Blue light is also known to trigger migraine headaches by increasing the sensitivity to light. Symptoms like nausea and dizziness can be further aggravated by overexposure to blue light.

How can Blue Light Glasses Help Prevent Migraines?

We cannot control the hours we spend in front of digital screens at work. On an average, an adult spends six hours a day staring at a screen. After work, we forget about reducing our screen time and for entertainment, look at mobiles or TVs. The screen time of an average adult has gone up to ten hours a day which is a horrifying fact.

The blue night exposure at night can keep us attentive at odd hours, thus, affecting our sleep. A continued effect can significantly reduce the secretion of a sleep hormone called melatonin. In this way, your migraine headaches can get worsened.  

The easiest way to tackle migraine which is caused by blue light is to start wearing blue light glasses or computer glasses. By blocking the harmful blue light from digital screens, the computer glasses provide some relief to the eyes. Problems such as dry eyes or eyes watering will go away in no time.

If you want to invest in good blue light glasses then Specscart is the perfect store for you. The website and the stores in Manchester (Walkden and Bury) have advanced X‐Blue UV Lenses. Specscart has numerous frames in different colours, designs and material. When you buy glasses online, you get the freedom to choose in which frame you would prefer your X‐Blue UV Lenses. If you wish to keep your old frames, you can reglaze them with new, anti-blue lenses. CMoreover, any pair of glasses or sunglasses which you buy already have anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-resistance coatings without any extra charges.

X‐Blue UV Lenses coating can be fitted to all men’s glasses and women’s glasses like reading, varifocals and non-prescription. All of this at very cost-effective prices. With its 24-hour dispatch services, Specscart is known to be the fastest in the industry. Providing a free home trial of four frames of eyeglasses for a week, they want to make sure that you get the best for yourself. They even have a no-questions-asked policy for returns.

To deal with migraine or digital eye-strain, order your blue light glasses from Specscart now!


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