Do I Need To Clean Tiles Before Tile Sealing?

tiles cleaning

No doubt, tiles offer excellent and amazing overall for many years. But this shines and attractiveness of tiles become fade due to stains and dirt over time. For this, tile sealing is a suitable option to increase the protection and durability of tiles. Because sealant will offer protection to the tiles against moisture and stains.

On the other hand, it also helps to minimize the growth of mold and mildew on the tiles by increasing the protection layer. It will save the tiles as well as your health from several issues and conditions due to dangerous germs and bacteria.

However, our main question is related to the cleaning process of tiles before sealing. In our opinion, you should clean tiles appropriately before sealing it. Otherwise, sealant will not offer a smooth protective layer on the tiles due to residue and dirt on it.

Moreover, even after applying the sealant on the tiles, you should clean the floor regularly to remove dry dirt and dust on it. Because sealant will only minimize the cleaning time and effort but not the cleaning requirements. that’s why you need to clean the tiles efficiently even after the installation of tiles sealers. However, sealant will offer the long-lasting cleaning results by increasing the life span of tiles as well as durability.

Do You Need To Seal Porous Tiles?

No matter what’s the type and size of tiles, all types of tiles require specific protection layer against water and moisture. No doubt, most of the tiles have this protective layer. But this protection layer may fade or damage due to improper cleaning patterns as well as stains and spills on it. So, it will be beneficial to cover the tiles with an appropriate sealant.

On the other hand, you can also use the tiles sealing to increase the life span of tiles by offering more shine and protection. Because if you leave the tiles without any application of sealant then the floor may crack and damage easily due to water penetration inside the floor or tiles.

Moreover, even if you don’t seal the natural stones and tiles then these tiles and stones will have permanent stains and marks on it. As we already know, it will be harder to remove the permanent stains and marks on the natural tile’s stones.

How Do You Seal The Tiles Appropriately?

Tile sealing can be done by yourself or by getting professional services. However, it’s better to seal the small and wider area by yourself instead of getting professional assistance and services. But in the case of commercial are, you should prefer to get the professional sealing services.

Professional assistance will minimize time and effort for sealing. However, if you are doing it by yourself then clean tiles appropriately before applying the sealant on it. For this, you can follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer’s company for better application. In this way, you can get the better protection of tiles by following a few steps and instructions:

·       Know About The Type Of Tiles:

Before choosing any sealant for tiles or grout lines, you should know about the type of tiles. So, you can choose the right and effective sealant. However, if you don’t know about the type of tiles then you can get the professional assistance and guidelines.

Moreover, you can choose the right type of sealant for your tiles and floor by choosing and testing more than one sealant on tiles. Let the sealant sit on the tiles for a few seconds to know about the type of tiles whether it’s porous or non-porous.

·       Choose Sealant Accordingly The Types Of Tiles:

A sealant is available in the markets in different forms and types. But only one type of sealant is not suitable for all types of tiles. So, you can’t choose the same sealant for all the types and colours of tiles. That’s why you should be aware of the type of sealant whether it’s penetrating or non-penetrating. Because inappropriate sealant will not stay or stick on the tiles appropriately and smoothly.

·       Clean Tiles Before Applying Sealant:

For cleaning the tiles before tile sealing, you can use the natural cleaning ingredients such as baking soda or vinegar as well as mild cleaning products. Because tiles sealers will not offer the smooth protection layer or texture on tiles if applied on a dirty floor. Moreover, dry the floor appropriately before applying sealant. Otherwise, sealant will not offer long-lasting protection to the tiles.

·       Apply The Sealant And Wait At Least For 24 Hours:

After applying the sealant on the tiles with the help of roller or brush, let it sit on the floor to dry appropriately at least for 24 hours. On the other hand, it’s also better to apply the sealant accordingly the manufacturer’s directions and instructions. However, the suggested drying time for sealant is 24 to 48 hours, depends on the type and condition of the floor.


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