Allergic asthma can be life-threatening if it can’t properly be diagnosed, cured, and alleviated. The symptoms by which one can get about asthma are:-

  • Straining of chest muscles,
  • Difficulty in breathing,
  • Fainting or collapsing,
  • Grasping,
  • Exhaustion etc.

Besides these symptoms, there is a good and effective strategy to get rid of asthma, they are:-

  • Proper consultancy with a doctor and finding the right specialty for asthma,
  • Changing lifestyle and accepting proper food habits,
  • Accomplishing and attaining yoga and breathing exercises
  • Avoiding chilled food products and drinks and accepting hot and warm temperature-related stuff etc.
  • Avoid the intake of dairy products, peanuts, tree nuts, etc.
  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine related products.
  • Changing and shifting environment,
  • Taking appropriate medicines or inhalers like Asthalin inhaler, etc.
  • Maintaining proper body hygiene such as daily bathing and cleaning the clothes,
  • Avoiding strong fragrances etc.

1. Discussing your history of asthma with the doctor

One should consult a doctor often and adequately to discuss his / her asthma history, since everyone’s system, is different. Also one should find the right specialist for asthma otherwise it would be fatal or injurious to his / her health. 

2. Hire a dietician to take proper diet

One should meet a dietician to arrange his/ her proper and balanced diet, as eating an adequate amount of diet may lower the risk of diet. A proper diet means developing a good physique and a good physique will tend you towards a healthy lifestyle.

3. Ensuring a proper lifestyle

One should monitor his/ her lifestyle as a healthy lifestyle directly impacts on our body. So one should not indulge in smoking and drinking and one shouldn’t involve himself or herself in several addictions. Besides this one should not take oily products as oily and fried food products accelerate the chances of asthma to a higher level.

4. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene

Similarly one should maintain cleanliness in his home and surroundings apart from using a Duolin inhaler daily. He/she shouldn’t keep their pets near them as fur and smell of their pets may increase the chances of allergy.

Besides this one should wash and clean their doormats, bed sheets, cushion, pillows, etc. as they may act as allergens with this one should take a shower after returning from outside to avoid dirt, dust, and pollen.

5. Avoiding certain food items

Asthma affected persons should not involve in taking chilled products like ice cream and cold drinks as it may higher the risk of asthma. With this, one shouldn’t take a high amount of caffeine products like coffee and aerated drinks as these are asthma triggering products. One should always try to take boiled water and warm products because cold and frozen products may higher the chances of asthma.

6. How to avoid the allergens causing your asthma?

One should change the environment which consists of dust, dirt, and pollen and one should prefer hot temperate regions rather than staying in cold and chilled regions. One should awake early and sleep early, he/she should take an adequate amount of early sunrise as morning sun rays have the potency to boost the immune power, this one should take a morning walk in a pleasant environment, which will calm and compose their stress. One should avoid taking unnecessary stress as stress and hypertension may accelerate the level of asthma.

7. Avoiding painkillers and certain substances

One shouldn’t take huge amounts of painkillers as it is injurious to health, with this one shouldn’t consume dairy products, peanuts, etc. as it is not good for the bronchial system of asthma patients.

8. Preventing asthma in winter

One should cover him/ her with an adequate amount of warm clothes on winter days as winter higher the level of asthma. Asthma patients should also check their diabetes and blood pressure levels as they have high chances to be diabetics. Keep your Asthalin inhaler with you always.

9. Evaluating your practices daily

One should be aware of evaluation, re-evaluation, and education about asthma as being aware and create awareness will curtail down the chances of asthma.

10. Taking medicines and inhalers regularly

One should use their Duolin inhaler daily or as prescribed by doctors and one should always try to be in an upright position and calm mind when an attack occurs because anxiety will tend to asthma patients towards fatality.

11. How to improve your immunity system to reduce the severity of your asthma

One should always try to increase his/ her immunity system as a good immunity system is the best weapon for asthma, one should involve himself/ herself with yoga and breathing exercises as this will improve one’s breathing system and respiratory tract. One should regularly massage oil in his legs and body as it will lower the chances of secretion of mucus in air passages.

12. Doing yoga to prevent asthma

One should practice meditations and asanas which will keep their mind calm and composed, with this meditation will make him mentally strong.

The above mentioned strategies will withhold you to develop asthma in your life. And at the same time, when you develop asthma, these are the few things that will not only help you to get free from the asthma triggers, but will also relief the pressure from you regarding asthma. So, start practicing the same.


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